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Why You Need An RV Screen Door Protector

stock image of RV screen door protector
RV screen door protector (Photo: Amazon)

What Is An RV Screen Door Protector (And Why Do You Need One)?

RV screen doors allow us to enjoy summer breezes and fresh air while protecting the interior of the RV from insects and helping to keep pets inside. The big drawback to RV screen doors is that their screens are fragile and prone to damage. This is especially true for those of us who travel with our pets. 

Enthusiastic pets can easily shred RV door screens with just a little pressure from their nails or even from their paws. Anyone who has camped in a mosquito-prone area knows it just takes one tiny hole in a screen and you’re spending the night listening to the high-pitched whine of mosquitos inside the RV. 

An RV screen door protector will help add strength and stability to your RV screen door and save it from getting damaged by pets.

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What does an RV screen door protector look like?

An RV screen door protector is often an attractive metal barrier that protects the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the screen door. Although RVers sometimes make their own screen door protectors from a solid plexiglass sheet, most are made from aluminum scroll grilles or mesh. Most RV screen door protectors are made from heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum. 

3 Types of RV Screen Door Protectors

RV screen door protectors come in three main types. These are grille style, mesh style, and homemade.  All RV screen door protectors are widely available online and anywhere that sells RV parts.

1. Grille Style 

These aluminum scroll grilles are arguably the most decorative of all the RV screen door protectors. Grille-style door guards evoke memories of old-fashioned decorative screen doors and the carefree summer days of yesteryears.

2. Mesh Style

Mesh-style RV screen door protectors have a no-nonsense, industrial-design appearance. This style of lightweight screen door protector easily meshes (pun intended) with any decor style.

3.  Homemade RV screen door protector

If you are handy and have a few basic tools, it’s really easy to make your own RV screen door protector from either plexiglass or decorative aluminum panels. Plexiglass is virtually invisible and gives very good protection to the screen door, but it doesn’t allow the air to flow as freely into the camper as other styles of screen door protectors. Here is an example of decorative aluminum panels that could easily be used instead. 

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