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RV Surge Protectors: Everything You Need To Know

RV surge protectors

RV Surge Protectors: Everything You Need To Know

A portable surge protector is one of the first purchases every new RV owner should make to protect their investment. Here are the best types of RV surge protectors and why you need one on hand.

What the benefits of an RV surge protector?

When traveling to new campgrounds, a portable surge protector will prevent any issues that could arise from faulty campsite hook-ups that aren’t wired correctly.

Power surges from storms are another great reason to invest in a surge protector. If a campground loses power during a storm, then the power suddenly comes back on, the surge from it could potentially fry your appliances or even your entire AC converter, which provides the electric to all of your major appliances, like your air conditioner, microwave, and fridge.

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The Progressive Industries Portable Surge Protectors

Progressive Industries offers some of the best selling portable surge protectors on the market today. They have several different models of portable surge protectors.

The SSP-30X and the SSP-50X have reverse polarity detection, as well as open ground and open neutral detection. It protects against power surges up to 825 joules, with a nanosecond response time. It has three LED indicator lights that enable the user to see where the problems are. This is a simple yet effective portable surge protector.

SSP-30XL or SSP-50XL Surge Protectors

The SSP-30XL and the SSP-50XL are made for 30 amp and 50 amp campers, respectively. These are all-in-one portable surge protectors that offer surge protection and pedestal testing in one easy-to-use device.

This surge protector also features the LED diagnostic lights that light up if it detects any malfunctions, such as open ground or open neutral wiring issues. It also has detection for reverse polarity. This particular Progressive Industries surge protector model enables you to know beforehand whether the 30 or 50 amp hook-up has faulty wiring or not, before you even plug in your camper.

It has an easy to read visual display that lets you know right away if you’re having electrical troubles and if so, what kind of trouble it is. Like it’s predecessors, the SSP-30XL and 50-XL have a nanosecond response time when hit with a power surge and they also protect against power surges up to 825 joules.

Surge Guard Portable Surge Protectors

The Surge Guard brand offers moderately priced portable RV surge protectors with a solid reputation. They have several different models of surge protectors as well, depending on whether you have a 30 amp or 50 amp camper.

The Surge Guard 30A-44260 or 50A-44270

The Surge Guard 44260 for 30 amp RVs and the 44270 for 50 amps have an easy-to-read, basic display with the standard LED lights to indicate if you have open ground, open neutral or reverse polarity wiring issues. They protect against power surges up to am impressive 2100 joules. These portable surge protectors also analyze the circuits to check pedestal power at the campground.

The Surge Guard 44280 for 30 Amp or 44290 for 50 Amp

The Surge Guard 44280 or 44290 has LED diagnostic lights that let the RVer know if there are any issues with polarity, open ground, open neutral, or reversed lines. It also has indicator lights letting the user know that the power pedestal is safe for use. This model, however, goes a step further and features a thermal sensor to indicate overheating at the plug and pedestal. It protects against power surges up to 2100 joules.

Camco RV surge protector

The Camco brand surge protector has a lot of amenities that make it the go-to in RV protection. Not only does it protect your RV from power surges up to amazing 2800 joules, but it also monitors the power pedestal for dangerously high and low voltage levels that can damage your camper.

The easy-to-see LED indicators let you know about dangerous situations when plugging in. The Camco boasts an automatic connect and disconnect feature that will automatically disconnect the RV if there are electrical issues, and will reconnect to the power source once the proper voltage levels have been restored. The Camco surge protector also checks for reverse polarity, and open hot, ground or neutral wiring issues.

Popular Youtubers Long Long Honeymoon share their advice on RV surge protectors in this video:

Stay safe

Having a portable surge protector is a simple and cost-effective way to protect your RV and the appliances inside of it. No matter where you travel, when going to destinations unknown, you really don’t know about the power sources at campgrounds. A portable surge protector takes the guesswork out of the equation, saving you lots of time and money in the long run.

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