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What Are RV Water Alarms And Do You Need Them?

RV water alarms
Prevent water damage in your rig with RV water alarms

What Are RV Water Alarms And Do You Need Them?

If you’ve ever experienced the gut-wrenching dread of finding hidden water damage in your RV, then you know the feeling of wishing you had had a way to detect the water before it ruined something.

Water damage isn’t just an issue with older RVs, though. With the rising demand for RVs, manufacturers are building rigs faster than ever before. Unfortunately, this urgency to supply enough RVs can mean that corners are cut – or in some cases, plumbing isn’t properly fitted.

That was the case for Kirsten and Devin from @fifth_wheel_living. They found water leaking in their brand new RV because some piping wasn’t installed properly. After fixing the issue, they now use RV water alarms throughout their rig.

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But what are RV water alarms? And the bigger question – do you need water alarms in your rig? Let’s discuss.

What is an RV water alarm?

An RV water alarm, also called a water sensor or a leak detector, is a small device that emits an alarm when moisture or water is detected.

These devices are different than the moisture meters – or damp meters – that may be used when you’re inspecting an RV.

Instead, these RV water alarms are placed in areas where water damage could start: under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, near the water heater, any “garage” space where there is plumbing, low points on your shower drain, etc.

These devices will then alert you if your rig springs a leak – ensuring you can fix the problem before costly damage is caused.

How do RV water alarms work?

Water alarms rely on electrical conductivity. A typical design is a small device that lies flat on the floor. When water is detected, the electrical conductivity causes a decrease in the resistance of the two contacts. This triggers an audible alarm, signaling the presence of water.

RV Water Alarms: Low-Tech

There are many different RV water alarm systems on the market and some of them are inexpensive. Depending on how high-tech your rig is and your travel style, a fully embedded system that connects to your WiFi and water supply might not be feasible.

If you are looking for a super easy and inexpensive way to detect water leaks in your RV, here is an option:

RecPro RV Wireless Water Leak Detector with Alarm

The RecPro wireless leak detector is perfect for the non-techie RV. This wireless water alarm simply emits a loud alarm if water leaks onto it.

At just 3 1/2″ x 1 3/4″ x 1″, this device will fit under the cabinet, in storage compartments, or under your shower drain.

You are going to hear it even if you’re on the other side of the RV. The alarm emits a 100-decibel noise.

This water alarm has a price point of under $25.

RV Water Alarms: High-Tech

If you’re looking to add a more sophisticated water detection system, there are several options on the market.

RV Whisper WTR1 Water Leak Wireless Sensor

This sensor is more high-tech and sends a message to a monitoring station when water is detected. The WTR1 sensor is an oval, puck-shaped device that is placed in areas where leak detection is needed.

To use this sensor, you will need to have an RV Whisper monitor station app. A cool feature is that alerts can be sent via email or text to your phone when moisture conditions change.

Both current and historical data can be securely viewed over the internet in the RV Whisper monitor station app.  Alerts can be created to send email and text messages when the moisture conditions change.

While the sensor itself is under $25, the required monitoring station is over $200.

Govee WiFi Water Sensor System

This Govee WiFi water sensor system comes with three alarms and a gateway device. The beauty of this system is that it is wireless – perfect for RVs.

RV water alarms sensor
Govee WiFi water sensor system from Amazon

To constantly monitor your rig for water, connect the gateway to your WiFi and it will send emails, notifications, and alerts to your phone when water leaks occur.

If there is no WiFi available, the device has a 100-decibel alarm that will alert you.

Plus, this starter system is under $50!

A similar system is the YoLink Smart Leak Sensors.

So, do you need an RV water alarm?

Adding an RV water alarm is a great idea.

They are not completely necessary but a good idea even if you’re properly maintaining your RV by sealing your roof and doing regular inspections for leaks. It is also good practice to monitor the temperature and humidity of your RV.

If you have fixed a water leak, then it might be a good idea to place an RV water alarm in the area to ensure your repair holds.

Have you ever had a water leak in your RV? Do you have water alarms? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or share them with the RV community on iRV2 Forums.