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10 Reasons You Need An RV Water Filter

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

RV water filter connected to spigot

10 Reasons You Need An RV Water Filter

RV life has demonstrated that a lot of the benefits of living in a home can be easily transferred to the road. However, if you travel around a lot, you’ve probably noticed that the water quality varies widely depending on where you go. An RV water filter can help with this!

RV passengers need a constant supply of water to drink, wash hands, clean dishes, and enjoy showers. This water comes from holding tanks or from freshwater hookups at campsites. To help guarantee a certain level of quality, an RV water filter might be necessary. Check out our top 10 reasons why you might want to add a water filter to your RV.

1. Keep water quality consistent

One of the best parts of keeping a water filter in an RV is the consistency it brings. If you travel a lot and use water from a variety of sources, you’ll have a huge range of tastes and quality experiences. A good water filter can make water from almost any source taste the same, so you won’t have to worry about what the quality will be like from one campsite to the next.

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2. Bottled water isn’t always better

If people are worried about poor water quality, sometimes they opt for a case of bottled water instead. This isn’t a bad choice and many people have brands that they love. However, bottled water isn’t necessarily better than tap water. The industry is not strictly regulated, and it can get expensive if you have to keep paying for more all the time.

A large case of bottled water can also take up limited storage space and add weight to your RV. Save time, money, and space by investing in an RV water filter that you can use continuously!

3. Environmentally friendly

Speaking of bottled water, another major issue is plastic waste. All of those bottles need to end up somewhere, and they often pile up in landfills. Of course, if recycling is an option, that’s great! But when you’re traveling all the time, it might be hard to find a good spot to drop off your recyclables. A water filter is more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to a bunch of plastic bottles.

4. Removes plumbing contamination

Now that we know the alternatives, let’s talk about some of the things a good RV water filter can actually do! Obviously, its main job is to filter water to make it safer to drink. Some things that filters can remove include sediment, rust, and other contaminants that come from plumbing systems.

If the water has to be piped in from a good distance away, it can pick up these little bits of debris. They might not always be visible, but a good filter can strain them out before you expose yourself to them.

5. Removes water treatment chemicals, runoff, and absorbed minerals

Water dissolves a lot of interesting substances. During treatment, water is exposed to cleaning chemicals that kill dangerous microbes. This is a good thing that has made tap water quite safe to drink. However, these treatment chemicals sometimes affect the taste and clarity of the water.

In addition, once the water has been processed and returned to the public system, it could still be exposed to runoff and absorbed minerals in the water stream. A filter ensures that no major contaminants make it through.

6. Removes hard water

Not every filter is equipped for this task, but some can also soften water. Hard water buildup is a pain for plumbers and house cleaners all over the world. These scaly buildups can be difficult to remove and will hurt the appearance of your RV.

If you invest in a good hard water RV filter, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh, clean, and soft water wherever you go. That peace of mind is a great perk!

7. Improves flavor

Another nice benefit that an RV water filter can bring is an improved smell and flavor. Let’s face it, sometimes water is perfectly healthy, but it just doesn’t taste good. We all have different preferences for water, but a water filter can produce a cleaner, more fresh-tasting beverage in no time.

8. Easy to install

In addition to all the benefits they provide, water filters are also quite easy to install and operate! There are some larger systems that might require a more thorough integration, but generally, these units can just be installed over faucets and showerheads. You won’t need to hire outside help to install them, and the whole process can be finished within an hour. It’s easy and effective!

9. Requires little upkeep

RV water filters also require little maintenance. The best models are designed for regular use and don’t easily break or come loose. The only thing you’ll really need to do is clean or replace the interior filters once in a while. This helps them to stay active and effective.

10. Different types available

Finally, there are also many different forms of RV water filters. Some attach directly to faucets and showerheads, others are installed deeper in the plumbing system, and some are just pitchers that filter the water as it pours! If you love hiking and doing outdoor activities, there are even portable water filters for water bottles. You can drink straight from stream and waterfalls if you use something like this.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good product on the market. Just find the form that works best for your needs and start using it.

What is the best RV water filter?

As mentioned above, there are tons of different water filters on the market and multiple types to choose from. Although you could be happy with many different brands, one of our personal favorites is Clear2O®. This company offers water filters for every need. They have water filter pitchers, countertop systems, sink filters, and options for RVs too!

Their technology can filter over 200 harmful chemicals and they have a major focus on reducing waste and protecting water sources around the world. To view their full line of products and find the one that’s best for you, visit

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