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5 Tips For Cleaning Your RV Windows

Clean windows will give you better views while you're driving. Photo by jennconspiracy/Flickr

5 Tips For Cleaning Your RV Windows

Like the rest of your RV, the windows need a little TLC once in a while. It is not only important to keep them clean of dirt and splattered bugs, but also properly sealed to prevent leaks and water damage. These are some simple things you can do to help keep your RV windows looking good as new.

1. Clean your windshield with super fine #0000 steel wool

You may be wondering, “Won’t steel wool scratch the glass?” But many RVers have raved about using steel wool in the finest grade (#0000) to clean splattered bugs and hard water stains off the windshield. RV Geeks explains in this video how tempered glass is higher on the MOHS scale of hardness than #0000 steel wool, so it doesn’t scratch but actually cleans the glass very quickly.

Before you start, test the #0000 steel wool in a small area on your windshield before using it to clean the whole surface. Gently rub the steel wool in circular motions, then dry wipe the glass with a microfiber cloth to get any steel wool left behind off.  Spray the surface with a residue-free glass cleaner or Rain-X and wipe with another cloth.

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Steel wool can also be used with a spray lubricant to clean your tires, clean grills, as a campfire starter, and even keep mice away.

Another great option that is less abrasive are these cleansing pads from Scotch-Brite. They can be used to scrub a variety of surfaces including wood, porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, painted surfaces, and glass.

2. Use a residue-free glass cleaner

A quality glass cleaner will keep your windows and windshield crystal clear.  Invisible Glass Cleaner works well on regular or tinted windows and leaves no streaks or residue. You can also try all-natural solutions like 50/50 vinegar and water mixed with a few drops of lemon essential oil.

3. Use a reach and clean tool to get those hard-to-reach spots

Long-handled cleaners will keep you from having to awkwardly reach when cleaning your windshield.  This Reach and Clean Tool from the brand Stoner has a long, pivoting triangular head that is perfect for corners and areas that are hard to reach by hand. 

RV windows

It also comes with reusable microfiber cleaning bonnets that are machine washable and its own storage bag.

4. Use a sealant to prevent leaks

Water coming in through the windows. Photo via GoneWithTheWind on iRV2 Forums

Silicone sealant is handy for preventing leaks in your windshield, RV windows, sunroof, and vents. It easily works its way into small crevices and forms a strong watertight seal. Make sure the areas you’re using it on are clean and free of old caulking/dirt/oil/etc.

Also, wipe off any water standing on windows to prevent hard water spots from forming, and keep the inside of your windows dry to prevent condensation and mold. If you’re getting a lot of condensation in your windows, invest in a portable dehumidifier.

5. Avoid cleaning your RV windows in the sun

Clean your windows in the shade, or in the morning/evening. Photo by Brenda Carpenter/Flickr

It may be a nice sunny afternoon to finally get out and clean your RV windows but the heat can actually cause your window cleaner to dry faster, causing streaks and/or water spots.  Plan on cleaning your RV windows in the morning or evening, or when you’re parked in the shade for the best results.

Do you have any tips for cleaning and maintaining RV windows? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips For Cleaning Your RV Windows”

  1. Your RV’s instruction manual is a treasure-trove of information that can give you tips and tricks for cleaning your RV’s exterior and interior. This includes what type of cleaners you should and shouldn’t use and any specialized care instructions. For further information, try your RV manufacturer’s website for extra tips on cleaning and making your RV sparkle. Failure to read the instruction manual could lead to damage to your RV’s surfaces and finishes. 

  2. The Norwex mop has a telescoping handle and pivoting head with a velcro surface. I made a scrubbie that I use on the windshield. Maybe steel wool will stick to the velcro.
    Thanks for the tip.

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