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RV Winterization and other Cold Weather Travel Considerations

RV winterization

Some of us store away our RV’s away for the winter and for others that’s when its just getting interesting. I found a series of articles for both RV winterization and cold weather operation. I encourage you to follow the links to your particular needs for the winter. Regardless of how you use your RV certain concerns should be taken into consideration. You will find resources for RV winterization and for traveling in the winter with your RV.

RV Winterization

A series of resources to better understand the RV winterizationprocess.

1. A great step by step guide I stumbled on at

2. A very thorough guide although possibly a bit biased from CamCo

3. A wonderful RV winterization tips video from Pete’s RV Center below:



RV Operation in the Winter

Cold weather RV’ing puts you in situations you may not be familiar with. Be sure to know the facts before setting out on your winter RV trip.

1. Great article that was sent to me on the general principals of using your RV in the winter at Motorhome Magazine.

2. A more in depth article on how to prepare your rig for winter time RV’ing at

3. One last reference guide with tips from


The cold can have a devastating effect on any vehicle but in many cases to a higher degree with RV’s. The low amount of insulation, the air passing around all sides, and the design flaws lead to a less than stellar setup for cold climates. It makes sense to create a checklist for both RV winterization and for cold weather operation. As you may have figured out by now its an entirely different animal than your summer excursions.

If you have any additional RV winterization tips please post them below! Have fun and be safe out there in the bitter cold!

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