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How To Make A Salad Dressing Safe So Thieves Won’t Find Your Valuables

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Did you know that the average thief spends 8 to 12 minutes going through your stuff if you’re robbed? That according to Grant Thompson, the maker of this unusually covert salad dressing safe. Grant is known as The King of Random, and demonstrates how you can make creative stuff with nothing more than common household supplies. Yeah, he’s kind of like that MacGyver guy.

In this video, Grant shows you how to turn an ordinary salad dressing jar into a difficult-to-find safe. Let’s just hope any would-be thieves aren’t watching!

Original video by Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone paint the inside of a jar before – by hey, it looks real to me. It seems going to the trouble of making the optional false bottom would enhance the security of this safe, and trick most anyone into thinking it’s simply a jar of dressing.

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