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Spring Is Here—Get Off The Fence And Sell Your RV!

The dashboard of an older class A motorhome
Is your RV just parked behind your house? Why don’t you sell it? The market is primed right now for RV sellers.

If You’ve Decided To Sell Your RV, Now Is The Time To Get It Done

Spring has finally arrived; the evidence is all around us. If you’ve been sitting on the fence regarding selling your RV, then let me explain why now is the perfect time to sell your RV.

Whether you’re ready to get a newer or larger RV, or you’re just done RVing altogether, selling it in the private marketplace this spring will yield the best possible results.

Why is this spring such a good time to sell your RV?

Every spring, as the days get longer and warmer, people awaken from a type of winter hibernation to refocus on their favorite outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, boating, and RVing, and that makes spring the best season to sell your RV.

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First, enthusiasm for RVing has never been higher. Second, the social anxiety of past lockdowns, travel restrictions, pandemic stress, new and unique work responsibilities, and supply-chain constraints have created a unique market and an unprecedented demand for RVs, making this spring the perfect time to sell a used RV in the private marketplace.

High demand, low supply

The available supply of new and used RVs is still limited compared to the demand. Dealers are selling RVs today that won’t even be built for a year or more.  

RV manufacturers are still coping with component shortages as well as workforce limitations, and they’re finding it difficult to ramp up production to meet the growing demand. 

an older class A RV parked on a hillside.
If you’re ready to trade up to a bigger or newer RV, this spring is the perfect time to sell an RV.

What’s fueling the unprecedented interest in RVing?

Why are there so many more people interested in RVing now than in previous years? As mentioned above, restrictions in air travel and cruise line excursions forced people to look for alternative recreational activities, but beyond that, the pandemic also demanded that people find creative new ways to work. All across the continent, millions of Americans and Canadians discovered that they could work from anywhere as long as they had an internet connection, and that resulted in a more mobile workforce.

Working from anywhere opened up RVing to a whole different demographic. It was no longer the exclusive recreational pastime of retirees. Suddenly, working adults and young families realized that RVing could offer them a viable way to integrate their recreational interests and work responsibilities. 

A new demographic enters the market

New-to-RVing buyers are no longer just retired couples trying to fit an RV purchase into their fixed income, but they are all kinds of people: couples, singles, and families who can work from anywhere and who have higher-than-average disposable incomes.

The retirees continue to enter the market at a brisk rate, but now they are competing with a younger, more diverse cohort for every available RV.  All these conditions are driving up the price for used RVs and expediting sales.

A white class B camper van in a paved lot like this one is a good reason to sell your rv right now.
If your van conversion is too small and you need more space, sell it now to capitalize on optimum market conditions.

Indecision is costing you money

If you’re on the fence about selling your RV, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by waiting. Every day, your RV gets older and is worth less, you may be paying for storage and insurance, and the RV’s physical condition is slowly deteriorating. There are eager buyers waiting to make an offer on your RV, but you need to make up your mind soon to capitalize on this spring’s amazing market conditions.

If you’re hesitant about selling your RV because the task seems too big and overwhelming, don’t despair. You can get expert help selling your RV from National Vehicle, a company that specializes in helping For-Sale-By-Owner RV sellers.

National Vehicle provides professional help

National Vehicle starts by providing a free valuation of your RV based on the current market conditions, so you know exactly what your RV is actually worth, and that is a huge piece of the puzzle for anyone who wants to sell an RV.  National Vehicle’s free valuations are provided with no strings attached, but if you decide to go ahead and sell your RV and use their services, they will help you every step of the way for a one-time nominal fee. 

Helping For-Sale-By-Owner RV sellers is all National Vehicle does, and they have finely tuned systems to get this work done efficiently. They provide step-by-step instructions to sellers, and they create compelling ads for your RV, which they publish in all the places where RVers go shopping for used RVs.

National Vehicle also helps with buyer inquiries and negotiations, and if a buyer needs financing, they help them shop for and secure financing. If a buyer or lender needs to have an RV inspection, they make arrangements to have a local inspector evaluate the RV. National Vehicle will advise you and the buyer on the safest way to transfer funds to complete the purchase, and they can even help arrange for the transportation of the RV to the buyer, if needed.

They do all this for a modest fixed fee, and they have helped thousands of RV sellers over the past few years sell their RV in the private marketplace.  

a Coleman trailer parked in the woods
You may be done camping in your trailer, but there are eager buyers just waiting to purchase it.

Trying to save a few bucks could cost you thousands

Of course, you can save the modest fee and try to sell your RV on your own, but there are pitfalls and limitations that most sellers do not anticipate.  National Vehicle has helped buyers and sellers safely transact their business for the sale of everything from pop-up trailers to million-dollar motorhomes. 

If you decide to go it alone, the biggest pitfall is that you may be so overwhelmed that you procrastinate and never actually get it done.  And sadly, your valuable asset may just sit in storage for another season and continue to deteriorate.

Recap of services

This spring is the perfect time to sell your RV, and National Vehicle offers the perfect strategy for getting that work done. Here is a recap of what they do.

National Vehicle partners with buyers and sellers to provide industry know-how and expertise. They start with a free RV valuation for sellers.

Then (for a nominal fee) they do all the following, which benefits both buyers and sellers:

  • Create compelling ads with photos and an accurate description of the RV
  • Place these ads in all the places where people typically search for RVs
  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Provide sellers with a series of insightful how-to tips throughout the process
  • Help buyers secure an independent vehicle inspection, when needed
  • Help buyers obtain financing and/or long-term warranty protection
  • Can arrange for delivery of the RV to the buyer, if needed

Don’t let the perfect market conditions this spring pass you by. There may never be a better time to sell your RV, and the professionals at National Vehicle are eager to help.