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Use Up What You Have: 5 Materials For Spring RV Projects

If your RV is sitting at home just like you are, you may feel like your spring trips are in jeopardy. While some RV trips might be delayed, there are still some creative projects that can be done in the meantime.

However, rather than jumping in the tow vehicle and heading out to the hardware stores and risking breaking those social barriers, use up the materials that tend to gather dust in the back of your garage or closet.

Now is a great time for RV renovations. Photo by Zvika Smaya

These types of materials are usually leftovers that you have from a former project, items you were gifted, or supplies you mistakenly purchased and never returned to the store. They are taking up precious space around your home—or even inside your RV. They are now ready for some affordable and innovative hacks for your camper or trailer.

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1. PVC pipe

If you are like me, there are bits and pieces of plastic PVC pipe, elbows and connectors tucked into the corner of the garage or on a shelf. One day I will use these pipes for something! One day has come. 

PVC pipe is very useful and versatile. Photo by Nathan Kewley

How about building a lightweight outdoor shower stall? This one attaches to the outside of an RV with suction cups. A few more camper-related items you can build with PVC pipe include outdoor solar lanterns, drying racks, and even homemade ice packs.

2. Reflectix

It seems like every camper has some random pieces of Reflectix hanging around the house. We’ve already made the window covers and the coffee cup koozy.

Reflectix can be used in a variety of ways. Photo by Christina Nellemann

However, did you know you can also use pieces of the bubble wrap material in between your plates to keep them from breaking? Or roll it up inside storage cabinets or even truck beds to keep items from rolling around and getting damaged? Not only does it reflect, but it protects as well.

3. Paint samples

Who else has dozens of those little containers of paint samples sitting around the garage? If you haven’t come up with a house project to use them for, use them for several RV projects.

Get a head start on those DIY paint projects. Photo by Christina Nellemann

This is now the time to paint those old cabinets, the inside of a closet or the RV interior trim. This is also a good time to use up those nearly empty cans of spray paint. Of course, be sure that the type of paint works with your interior or exterior projects.

4. Cardboard boxes

If you are unable to drop your cardboard boxes off at the recycling center, they are probably quickly filling up your garage. Now is the time to get organized.

Stack of cardboard boxes outside
Are your cardboard boxes stacking up?

Use those handy boxes for everything from dresser drawer separators to holders for your tools, canned food, and clothing. You can also use up some of that previous paint and Reflectix to make your own organizer totes or even an outdoor solar cooker.

5. Buckets

Those 5-gallon hardware store buckets are just so inexpensive, we tend to end up with several of them. When they are not being used for scrubbing an RV exterior they can be used to protect your power cord, create a handwashing station, or even building an emergency toilet.

Buckets are handy at home and at the campground. Photo by bluebudgie

The buckets with the lids also come in handy for making camping kits. Get the kids involved to make kits such as a picnic kit, beach kit, campfire kit, or a cute Girl Scout “bum” kit.

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