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Try These Starlink RV Mount Ideas For A Better Connection

Starlink has changed the RVing world forever. It’s made it possible for RVers to wander off the beaten path while still staying connected, something that is a dream come true for those of us who work from the road. This leads many of us RVers to wonder about Starlink RV mount options. 

Mounting your Starlink dish to your RV comes with many advantages. It helps prevent theft, removes the possibility of the dish blowing away, and can provide better connection. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Starlink RV mount options. 

First, let’s discuss where on your RV you should mount “Dishy.” The satellite dish really needs a clear view of the north sky in order to work properly. Sometimes this can be gained from the ground, but more often it is better for Dishy to be up high in order to clear possible obstructions.

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For this reason, most people choose to mount the dish on the RV roof or on a pole that holds it high in the air. Just keep in mind that mounting the dish means you’ll no longer be able to move it around freely to find a break in the trees. In that way, mounting could be a problem rather than a benefit. 

Can I mount Dishy on my RV permanently?

Many RVers wonder if there are any permanent Starlink RV mount options out there. Sure, there are. In fact, some of the mounting options included on this list could be permanent solutions. That said, leaving Dishy on the roof permanently isn’t generally recommended.

You see, the dish actually moves around to stay connected to satellites, something that Dishy is unable to do while driving down the road. If the dish does attempt this, it could break the hardware. Another issue? The dish could break in the wind when your vehicle gets up to speed. 

Still, there are some people who have chosen to take their chances and have successfully mounted the dish permanently. Most of these individuals have chosen to turn the motors off entirely while driving in order to avoid damage. Many have also chosen to install the dish laying flat to create a more aerodynamic dish that is less likely to break in the wind.

Whether you choose to mount your Starlink to your RV permanently or only while stopped in a campsite, you will need to figure out how to go about it. That’s where this section comes into play. Below, we have listed our very favorite Starlink RV mount ideas to help inspire you in your search for the perfect mounting solution for your rig. 

First on our list is the Axia Alloys Starlink RV Ladder Mount. This is actually a very small piece, and it’s very inexpensive and simple to use. Just clip this piece to your RV ladder and clip the other side to Dishy, and you’ll be in business. Just make sure you take the dish down before you hit the road again!

Wilson Electronics 25-Foot Antenna Pole

Many RVers use the Wilson Electronics 25 Foot Telescoping Antenna Pole to mount their Starlink. This is an excellent solution because it lifts Dishy high above the ground. It’s also very sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about the dish falling. It does take a bit of creativity and an adapter to get the setup installed, but once it’s up, it really is ideal. 

Another great option that will put your Starlink high in the sky is the FlagPole Buddy pole with their Starlink Mount. This is a fantastic setup that is incredibly easy to put up. In fact, you never even have to climb a ladder! On top of that, the included mounting kit is made for Dishy, so you won’t have to order anything extra to make it work. 

We also have to mention the Starlink hitch mount kit made by Hitched 4 Fun. This cool mount actually attaches to your hitch and uses a pole to push Dishy into the sky. We love that it’s a whole kit with the mount, poles, and Starlink adapter included—so you don’t have to figure out how to build a setup yourself—and the whole kit is very high quality. 

Note: Hitched 4 Fun also sells ladder mounts, spare tire mounts, and more. 

Add some weights

You might decide to forego the mount altogether. In this case, we highly recommend setting the dish on your RV roof with the included Starlink tripod. You can then add some weights to the feet of the tripod to keep the dish in place, even in windy weather. 

Starlink does sell a really great pivot mount that could also be a decent Starlink RV mount option. The thing is, the installation guide calls for drilling the mount in place. Instead of this, you could use a magnetic mounting bracket to hold the mount in place. 

Get tips from other RVers

These are far from the only Starlink RV mount ideas out there. We’ve actually seen quite a few creative solutions. However, we think these kits and ideas should be enough to get those creative juices flowing so you can come up with some ideas of your own. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come up with the best mounting idea out there!

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