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This Steampunk Teardrop Trailer is Made From Recycled Materials

Steampunk style has really been gathering steam—even in the DIYRV world.

What better way to play around with this subgenre of science fiction and fantasy than with a beautiful, handmade teardrop trailer that reflects the style of the Nautilus in Jules Verne’s classic novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?

Dave Moult of the United Kingdom built this steampunk trailer out of recycled metal and wood.


Dave Moult of Malmesbury in the United Kingdom, built this incredible teardrop trailer out of discarded parts he found at swap meets (car boot sales in the UK) and for sale on eBay.

The design of the trailer fits the steampunk lifestyle. Steampunk combines Victorian or Edwardian style with the technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

The style is signified by metalwork, rustic wood, copper, gears and includes Victorian details with influences from the American Wild West and the works of Jules Verne.

The galley has a vintage stove and the refrigerator coils are visible on the exterior.


The teardrop trailer features a galley with a vintage stove and refrigerator, plenty of storage and Steampunk inspired posters. On the exterior is a copper sink that folds down after the trailer is at camp.

The nautical-themed interior has round porthole windows and a queen sized bed area.

It even has a footboard wallpapered to look like a library complete with leather bound books. The bed area is lit with a spider-like copper chandelier made from an old coffee pot, and the interior padding is made from the leather from a $22 sofa. Chris from Retro Retrims helped Dave stitch and install the leather padding.

The interior of the trailer has leather padding and “library” wallpaper.


Dave told the small space living blog Living in a Shoebox that he began building teardrop trailers in 2008 and has since built six campers. This Steampunk trailer is his most current design. He said of his other teardrop trailers,

Most of them are aluminum clad and not really steampunk, although the second one has a few little bits that might be considered steampunk.

The teardrop has a drop-down sink and a light made from a coffee pot.



See more photos of the build at Dave’s Facebook album here.

Photos by Dave Moult 

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