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8 Reasons Why Traveling In An RV Is Better Than An Airplane

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

More and more people are turning to RVs for their summer vacation as the close quarters of an airplane are the furthest thing from social distancing. Of course, driving won’t get you to a destination nearly as fast, but it will give you a safe and much more memorable experience in the long run.

Photo via IvecoRV Germany

Why traveling in an RV is better than an airplane

As more people try out the RV life and fall in love with the flexible and free style of traveling, they won’t rely on airlines for domestic travel. These are just eight of the many reasons why traveling in an RV is overall better than traveling in airplane.

1. You can stop whenever you want.

It’s nice to get up and stretch your legs after sitting for a long time. On a plane you can walk back to use the restroom, but that’s about it. In an RV, on the other hand, you can stop as often as you’d like, get some fresh air, and even go hiking for a while before hitting the road again.

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2. In an RV, you don’t have to go through TSA or security.

traveling in an RV
Photo by Daniel Lobo on Flickr

Nobody likes passing through security. In a motorhome, you don’t have to deal with this step and even travel with bottles that are larger than travel size. Not to mention you’ll never be randomly selected for a pat-down.

3. You can save money on hotels (and sleep in your own bed).

airplanes vs rvs
Photo by wiserparty on Flickr

Campgrounds & RV parks usually cost less than airport hotels (unless you’re looking for something more luxurious). Plus, in your RV, you’ll get to sleep in your own bed with the pillows and blankets that you’re comfortable with, and won’t have to worry about pests like bed bugs.

4. Your RV will never be overbooked—and if you need to cancel a flight, you won’t be losing money.

Photo via Mark Hodson Photos via Flickr

Whether you’re driving, sitting shotgun, or just hanging out in the back, you’ll always have a spot in your rig, guaranteed. And if you need to cancel the trip? You can just cancel your campground reservations, if you have any, and leave the RV parked in your driveway. (Airlines, from United to Alaska, have received several complaints due to the recent pandemic because they have not been issuing refunds to customers.)

5. The food’s better.

airplanes vs rvs
Photo via Pixabay/inkflo

Airplane food is mediocre at best. Regardless of what they offer, there’s actually science that explains why it tastes so bland. Studies have shown that your sense of taste isn’t the same at 30,000 feet in the air. Wine can also taste more acidic than if you drank the same type at ground level. In your RV, you get to fully taste everything you make, and you aren’t limited to a menu.

6. You’ll always know who you’re traveling with in an RV.

airplanes vs rvs
Photo by Matthew Hurst on Flickr

And if you have a pet, they can travel right by your side without having to be kept inside a carrier.

7. Your baggage won’t get lost.

airplanes vs RVs
Photo by Bradley Gordon on Flickr

All of your personal items are right there with you in an RV. Who likes waiting at baggage claim anyway?

8. You get to experience all of the amazing sights along the way.

Photo via Needpix

There are places worthy of your bucket list from coast-to-coast. Flying across the country takes you over all of it, but in an RV, the whole trip is an adventure.

The roadside attractions, local restaurants, famous landmarks, and beautiful scenery all combine for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You may not remember much about a flight you took 10 years ago, but you’ll always have great memories from a road trip.

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