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This Man Was Critically Injured In An RV Gas Explosion

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The debate on driving with your propane system on has raged for years. But what about propane accidents when your RV is parked?

One man in Bend, Oregon was critically injured in an RV gas explosion. The cause? An uncapped propane line from a removed RV refrigerator.

RV fire

A fire marshall said that the couple had bought the 1978 trailer without checking the integrity of the propane system. A refrigerator was removed before the trailer was sold, but the propane line feeding the unit hadn’t been capped off.

When the man turned on a stove burner, the propane gas in the RV caused an explosion.

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The Bend Fire Marshall had a few tips for those purchasing used RVs,

The Bend Fire Department reminds everyone to inspect their trailer’s and RV’s fuel systems to ensure proper and safe operation. Especially if the trailer is new to you, ensure all connections are tight and there are no open ends.

We recommend having a service professional inspect the trailer to ensure all systems are safe for use. Propane is a highly flammable gas and when confined inside a space, can explode such as what happened here.

Most new RVs have propane gas detectors inside. This RV safety guide provided by Bend, Oregon contains a helpful checklist.

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