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Where To Dump RV Waste For Free

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How To Find Free RV Dump Stations

Finding places to dump RV waste for free is important for someone like myself that boondocks most of the time. I seek out free dump stations, as it rubs me wrong to pay the equivalent of half a night camping fees ($10-25) to dump at a campground or RV park. If I am going to pay that much, I might as well spend the night and take advantage of all the services.

“If your camping style lends itself to RV parks or campgrounds, you may not have any problem dumping your RV tanks. Dumping waste becomes a bigger obstacle when you’re boondocking.” Per RV bloggers Jason and Rae Miller

Where to dump RV waste for free

  • Rest areas along your route will often include free RV dump stations. Visit the DOT (Department of Transportation) website for the state you are in when you need to find a dump station. Most will have a page listing the rest areas and facilities offered including dump stations. Here is an example.
  • Fuel stations will often have a place to dump RV waste for free. They do so to attract RVers who will often purchase their fuel there too.
  • Cabela’s and ProBass Shops are RV-friendly and often allow RVers to spend the night and dump their holding tanks. Some stores require you to purchase something in their stores to access to the dump station for free.
  • Visitor centers and Chambers of Commerce will occasionally offer free dump stations to attract RVers and their tourist dollars. 
  • Municipal sewer facilities: These public facilities typically offer a place for RVers to dump for free.
  • Military campgrounds are an option for free for active and retired members of the military.
  • City parks will sometimes have a free dump station along with potable water.  
  • Federal campgrounds like USFS, BLM, and National Parks often allow RVers to dump for free even if they are not staying in the campground.

How to find RV dump sites

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The video below will also provide some useful information on where to dump RV waste for free.

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