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7 Reasons You Might Want To Try Winter Camping

Are you thinking about heading out for a trip soon? No matter what season it is, camping’s always a good idea. Unfortunately, most of the time life gets to be too busy and we never end up going out as much as would like. If you’re in need of some inspiration for your next adventure, here are 7 (of many) reasons why you should start planning a camping trip over this winter vacation:

1. It’s incredibly healthy.

The Plaid Zebra

Did you know there are so many health benefits from being in the great outdoors? It’s pretty impressive how camping can improve your well-being by simply just looking at greenery outside, not to mention countless other pros that will keep you healthy in the long run, too. Read more about the benefits here.

2. Campfires are ten times more awesome during the winter.

Save Tangle Lakes

Warm campfires are obviously much more favorable this time of year when they’ll keep you extra toasty in the freezing cold. Besides…did someone say s’mores?!

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3. It’s honestly much better than being on the couch at home binge-watching Netflix.


Seriously, you’ll find way more enjoyment in life out in the great outdoors, even if it’s a little chilly out. There’s enough time to catch up on “The Walking Dead” (or whatever you’re into) later. Nowadays, you can usually view shows on mobile devices as long as you have WiFi, so you’ll probably be able to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in certain areas while on your trip anyways.

4. There are way less people out during winter.

Curious Jinnie

Peace and quiet…it’s pretty nice. Naturally not as many people are going to be on board for camping when it’s cold outside, so if you take advantage of a trip this season you’ll be able to enjoy nature all to yourself…and that’s absolutely amazing.

5. Winter scenery everywhere is wonderfully stunning.

Visit Rainier

No matter where you live, there are gorgeous landscapes to see this season. Especially if you’re in a place where it snows! You won’t be able to catch the same beauty during the summer, so a trip to take it all in this winter is essential.

6. You can go skiing or snowboarding.

Good Ski Guide

The exhilarating winter sports are only going to be around for so long! Why not head out and fully enjoy the exciting activites while we can?

7. Gas is cheaper during the winter, so you can save money but still be able to head out on the same unforgettable adventures.

Daily Signal

Remember how there are less people out? Gas companies definitely know that, and economically, they will lower the prices this season to make buying gas more appealing. If you head out now and refuel, it will be way less easy on your wallet than if you’re going out next July. I definitely don’t mind the savings. (Source.)

This list could go on and on. What do you love the most about camping during the wintertime?

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