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5 Reasons Xscapers Is The Best RV Club


5 Reasons Xscapers Is The Best RV Club

Xscapers is an online and real-life community within the Escapees RV Club membership. The Escapees organization was founded as a network for all types of RVers.

The club offers discounts to RV parks, support services, education, and forums for anyone who travels around in an RV. The cost for an Escapees membership is only $39.95 ($49.95 in Canada and Mexico).

Xscapers is a lifestyle group of Escapees RV Club members, geared towards the needs of working RVers. There is no extra cost to become an Xscapers member, but you must become a member of the Escapees RV Club first.

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“Xscapers has become a warm and welcoming community of RVers who are interested in pursuing the RV lifestyle without waiting until retirement. For many who haven’t yet reached retirement age, it can be hard to find others like you in campgrounds, at events, etc. Xscapers provides a place where young professionals, nomadic families, early retirees, and more can come together, share their unique experiences, offer advice, and learn from each other.”

Georgianne Austin, Communications Director, Escapees RV Club
Photo by Airstream Inc.

The process of becoming part of the Xscapers community is simple. When a user signs up for the club, there is a question on the form that allows them to self-identify as an Xscaper.

Austin adds that this status can be updated at any point during a membership. It doesn’t create a separate account, but the identifier helps the Escapees RV Club to internally plan for events and benefits by knowing how many of the members see themselves as Xscapers.

The community is a mix of full- and part-timers, as well as those who hope to start traveling full or part-time soon. Austin says the organization sees a mix of motorhomes and towables, and even some car campers and tent campers.

“We have so many young families in Xscapers that our events often include a few kid-centric activities so they, too, can get to know other nomads like themselves. Most of our members are either professionals or entrepreneurs, though we have plenty of early retirees, too, who want to join the fun.”

Georgianne Austin, Communications Director, Escapees RV Club

As a member of the club, Xscapers don’t get any special camping or retail discounts. However, there are other benefits to becoming part of the community. Here are the top five:

1. Convergences

According to Austin, the most popular part of the community are the Convergences. These are rallies designed to accommodate the needs of working RVers. In order to include those who have to work during the day, activities tend to start later in the afternoon, and excursions are limited to weekends when most attendees are available.

Photo courtesy of Xscapers

Convergences take place in all types of locations such as Bureau of Land Management areas and Las Vegas. Some of the groups even travel to Mexico and take Alaska cruises. Activities include group hikes, athletic competitions, winery or brewery tours, volunteer opportunities, and off-road and whitewater adventures.

2. Facebook Group

With well over 12,000 members, the Xscapers Facebook group is another benefit to being part of the community. The group mainly discusses RVs and RV travel as well as online jobs, mechanical and technical issues with RVs, homeschooling, and Escapees news.

Photo courtesy of Xscapers

The Xscapers are also invited to the Escapees Virtual Campfires on Facebook for community chats and interviews.

3. Job Board and Mobile Jobs

What sets the Xscapers apart from other RV groups is the focus on making money while on the road. The Xscapers website has information on how to find mobile work as well as a job board.

Screenshot courtesy of Xscapers

Joining with RVer Job Exchange by Escapees, Xscapers can both search for and post a job. The types of jobs vary from travel nursing and camp host jobs to workamping positions for singles or couples.

4. RV Education

Not everyone is born knowing how to live in an RV or work on the road. The Escapees RV Club has made it a whole lot easier.

Being a member gives you access to the RVers Online University, webinars hosted by RV experts, and discussion forums. The Online University does cost an extra $79 to join but it covers everything from RV systems and safety to staying connected on the road.

5. Birds-of-a-Feather (BOFs) Groups

The Escapees RV Club encourages Xscapers members to meet offline in small, informal gatherings to discuss specific topics. These groups are known as Birds-of-a-Feather or BOFs.

Photo courtesy of Escapees RV Club

They include groups for boondocking and fitness enthusiasts, disaster volunteers, and lovers of geocaching as well as other topics.

Learn more on their website,

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