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5 Foot By 8 Foot Cargo Trailer Converted Into Small Camper [VIDEO]

Many DIY campers are built on old cargo trailers. If you’re interested in the ultimate in design customization, you might want to start on a completely bare trailer. For the fastest construction, starting with a pre-built cargo trailer might be the way to go.

These trailers already have a basic shell, and all you’ll need to add is some insulation, interior paneling, and whatever conveniences you desire.

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YouTube user Vadim Pustovit was short on time and funds. He decided to start his camper build with a second hand cargo trailer. After framing out the inside with aluminum panels and studs, in went windows on either side, insulation (both rigid foam and expanding foam) and a layer of plywood for the interior paneling.

When the camper was almost complete (but not quite) he took it for a camping trip up to North Carolina. When he returned, he decided to add a sink, exterior graphics, and linoleum flooring.

Watch the camper come together set to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “One Piece at a Time”

Some viewers asked how he was able to adhere the new graphics to the outside of the camper.

He said,

The camper was primed and painted with a cheap hvlp spray gun hooked up to a 60 gallon air compressor. The graphics were taped out and spray painted out of a can. All outside and not a professional job by any means but it serves it’s purpose.

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