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Overview Of Annual RV Maintenance And Spring Cleaning Tasks

An RV is a complex beast. There are so many different systems, so there’s a lot to manage and maintain. We get a lot of satisfaction (and save a lot of money) by handling most of the scheduled maintenance and care ourselves. There are, of course, some items we leave to the pros, but most things that we’re able to handle ourselves – we do.

Every year we take care of whatever mechanical service items are required (not every item is due every year), plus perform a general “spring cleaning” of the whole rig. Living full-time in such a small space, and taking it into some pretty rugged areas, puts a fair amount of wear on things if we don’t keep up with it.

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Original video by RVgeeks

Regardless of how well we care for our equipment throughout the year (and we do), this major annual stem-to-stern cleaning makes our rig feel new again every time.

Your list will vary, depending on the type of RV you have and your manufacturer’s recommendations. But when you’re ready to tackle any, or all, of the tasks we’ve covered in this short video, here’s a complete list of detailed, step-by-step tutorials.

It’s a lot of work, but it always makes us appreciate our home on wheels that much more. We know we’re taking good care of our valuable equipment, and even though the bank still owns most of it, we still feel genuine pride of ownership!

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2 thoughts on “Overview Of Annual RV Maintenance And Spring Cleaning Tasks”

  1. My husband and I are getting tired of so much the info when you go to read, it turns out to be a Video. At times video is helpful, but give us a chance to scan info first. Not going to bother watching videos, will search for info we can read, first.

  2. RE: Anne Green-Quigley (via Facebook)
    Thanks RVgeeks! Just viewed the Overview of Annual RV Maintenance and Spring Cleaning Tasks video. Were you applying wax directly on your window glass? Also, did you say you use baby powder on the exterior slideout rubber seals? Wow, never would have guessed that. Tailwinds, Anne
    Hi Anne! We saw your post here on DIYRV, but we’re not on Facebook, so we hope you can see this reply. Yes, we do indeed use wax on all of the side windows, but not on the windshield, which gets the “Super Clean” treatment instead! Applying baby powder prevents the number one killer of slide-out seals: sticking to the painted surface, which will gradually pull the rubber apart over time. Not only do we use them on the outside seals, but on the inner seals, too.

    Safe Travels,
    Peter & John

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