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Top 10 Camper Storage Hacks To Save Space

This post was updated on May 11th, 2024

storage in an RV
Camper storage hacks. Photo from @outdoorishrv

Top 10 Camper Storage Hacks To Save Space

The average camper is generally around 8 feet wide (excluding any slide-outs). Given this, your average living space is much smaller than the average 2,500-square-foot home. Due to less space, you may need to crafty with how you optimize your storage.

To help you save on space, we compiled the top 10 camper storage hacks to save space in your RV.

1. Kid’s closet organization

A hot topic in camper storage is organizing clothes – especially kids clothes. Depending on your RV, you may not have a separate wardrobe space or you might not have drawers. Get creative with what you do have.

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Camper storage hacks from Sammy @bigheartstinyspaces:

  • Utilize baskets, crates, and bins for storing clothing. Using the rolling method can save space.
  • Add tension rods to create hanging space when you don’t have enough (or any).
  • Use hanging storage solutions when you have wardrobe space but need places to tuck clothing away.
clothing storage in an RV
Camper storage kid’s closet organization. Photo from bigheartstinyspaces.

2. Space-saving hacks: Vacuum bags

A perfect camper storage hack for clothing or other soft items is vacuum bags.

Vacuum bags remove all the air from the product reducing the space they take up. This is perfect for seasonal clothes and extra bedding or linens. In my RV, we store extra clothing in the dinette booth and our seasonal bedding gets stored in the linen closet.

clothes in an RV
Use vacuum bags to store clothing and bedding. Photo from @dashboarddrifters.

3. Contain your fridge

Unless you have a residential fridge in your RV, you will likely benefit from these fridge camper storage hacks. Fitting everything into your RV fridge can be like playing a game of Tetris – but is there a better way?

Paige from @unravelledthyme says “yes!” Her camper storage hacks for an orderly refrigerator are:

  • Use containers to keep loose items contained and similar products together. This makes everything have a home.
  • Label containers to keep it easy.
  • Remove excess packaging to save on storage space. You can use this in your cupboards and pantries too!
food in an RV fridge
Camper storage fridge organization. Photo from unravelledthyme.

4. Tackle your pantry

If you are lucky enough to have a pantry in your RV, then you better be utilizing it to its fullest potential.

I use similar organization techniques for my pantry as Paige recommends for your fridge. Use cardboard boxes to keep products together – like spices – and use resealable containers for perishables (like rice).

I also store small kitchen appliances like our rice cooker, toaster, and electric kettle on the bottom shelf. This way they are accessible but out of the way.

RV pantry storage
Make the most out of your pantry space. Photo from @dashboarddrifters.

5. Easy spice rack storage

Some campers have some uniquely shaped storage compartments. Laura from @coolmomandcollected shares how she found a spice organizer that made cooking a gamechanger.

Make the best use of any space by purchasing a storage solution or using boxes you may already have.

6. Use the entire shelf depth

Camper storage comes in all shapes and sizes. For those really deep storage shelves, make sure you use the space in the back… yes all the way in the back.

Use a container or box to keep everything in the very back organized. You can see in this example that the shelf is quite wide – but the principle works regardless of width.

linen closet storage in an RV
Camper storage hack – use the entire shelf depth. Photo from @dashboarddrifters.

7. Make the most out of your bathroom

Make the most out of limited bathroom space.

Jen from @stairsup_handlein shares her bathroom storage tips:

  • Declutter any unused or expired products.
  • Add shelves to maximize vertical space.
  • Use small containers with lids to store items like cotton balls and Q-tips. This helps eliminate bulky boxes and can double as a décor item.
  • Add a tension rod in the shower to hang a shower caddy.

8. Use your wall space

Another popular dual purpose storage solution is hanging bags of produce. Not everything needs to be refrigerated – like fruits and vegetables. So make the most of any free wall space and store produce by hanging it.

9. Peg board organization

Another camper storage hack that uses wall space is from Megan @outdoorishrv and her peg board organization. You can use this on any open wall, but it’s particularly useful for the garage or “basement” areas.

10. Outdoor storage

Lastly, make the most of the outdoor or “basement” storage by investing in storage containers on rollers. Then you can roll out the storage, access it, and make use of the entire width of your storage compartment.

camper storage hacks - use a storage bin in an RV
Use the outside storage. Photo from Amazon.

What is one of your camper storage hacks? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or share them with the RV community on iRV2 Forums.

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