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10 Easy Mods To Add To Your Camper Van Conversion

This post was updated on April 20th, 2024

10 Easy Mods To Add To Your Camper Van Conversion

Camper van conversions often start off as a blank canvas and the modifications you can make are endless.

Many camper van conversions can be expensive and involve major work. But not all van modifications have to be difficult. Here are 10 easy mods to consider adding to your camper van conversion.

1. Window/door screens

One of the best things about camper vans is being able to park at the lake or in a desert valley with the doors and windows open and the fresh air running throughout your van. Then the bugs come out.

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Sleeping with the windows open is much nicer without the worry of waking up covered in bug bites. One popular and easy option for screens is to use Velcro to attach them to the camper van walls. This eliminates the need to make screens with frames and cord to fit the window tracks.

2. Extra counter space

Countertop space in a camper van is valuable whether it is for food prep or working. You can always use more countertop space!

Two great ways to add countertop space are having fold-down or slide-out sections of the countertop. You can also utilize covers that go over the sink for extra counterspace when you need it.

@thetravelbobbers have utilized a simple fold-down section of countertop:

3. Light dimmers

Camper vans are small spaces with walls and ceilings that can sometimes seem like they are closing in on you.

Having the ability to control the brightness of your interior lighting can help create a more calming space. Gradually wake up or unwind at night with dimming lights.

Dimmer switches are an easy mod that does involve some electrical work but it is doable for most. Take it up a level and have remote-controlled dimmers.

4. Swivel seat

This is one mod everyone loves. If you are lucky, your camper van came with a swivel seat. If not, it’s an easy mod.

Having a front seat that can swivel 180 degrees to face the living area of your van both opens the space up and gives you extra seating.

Swivel seat mods are as easy as removing your seat, replacing the base, and reinstalling. Minimum time and tools required for a major mod.

5. Cargo capacity

With your camper van conversion decked out inside, there is often not much room left for cargo, especially items such as seasonal clothing, sporting goods, tools, and any other extras you don’t access daily.

Adding a rooftop rack or rear-mounted rack can add lots of space for storing all the extra stuff you want to take along.

The easiest is a hitch-mounted rack which simply requires you to slide it into your rear hitch.

6. All-terrain tires

Camper vans are all about exploring, right? Don’t let your tires be the limitation on where you can go.

Many great spots are a little tougher to get to. A good set of tires will benefit you with not only better grip and traction. They also have a thicker tread and more rugged side walls that will help with punctured tires caused by roots and rocks along the way.

This mod will most likely be performed by a tire shop so no getting your hands dirty on this one. Talk to your local tire shop and search online forums to find the best tire upgrade for your camper van needs.

All terrain tire on dirt road - camper van conversion
All terrain tires for exploring

7. Window coverings

Privacy and temperature control are two important considerations for camper vans. Both of these can be achieved with some good window coverings.

The overwhelming favorite here is Reflectix. It is cheap, easy to cut, and works well. Consider using the fabric of your choosing on the side that will face into your van for a more homey feel. You can learn how to make them here.

Having a way to store the coverings when not in use is also something to consider.

8. Wall storage

Limited space and curved surfaces are two of the main challenges with camper van walls. Having lots of traditional wall-mounted cabinets is unlikely.

Being able to utilize any patch of wall space for storage is key. Using hanging bins or wall organizers is a great way to store everything from spices to books.

There are lots of options for wall-mounted and hanging storage ideas. Wall-mounted shoe organizers are not only great for shoes but anything that needs a place.

wall storage bins mounted in van- camper van conversion
Wall storage is a must in your camper van conversion

9. Exterior lighting

Camper vans allow you to travel, explore, and enjoy nature. With limited space inside, having a comfortable outdoor space is important.

Exterior lighting at night is great for a couple extra hours of reading under the stars or for cleaning up gear after a late day exploring.

Adding a light bar to the rear or side of your camper van will allow you to light up the area outside your van for security or recreational purposes.

10. Backup camera

Camper vans are larger than most everyday vehicles and maneuvering them for some can be uncomfortable.

Having a backup camera will assist with backing and parking in tight spots. Wireless backup cameras are a simple mod that involves only mounting the camera to your van.

Making modifications to your camper van conversion is a great way to add style and practicality. RVers looking for more valuable how-to information will want to browse forums such as and blog sites like RV LIFE, Do It Yourself RV, and Camper Report. You’ll also find brand-specific information on additional forums like Air Forums, Forest River Forums, and Jayco Owners Forum.

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