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Stay Connected On The Road With A Cell Phone Signal Booster

We have all seen people walking around with their phone just above eye level looking for just enough signal to send that email...
Walking around looking for a signal? All photos by author, Ronnie Dennis

Stay Connected On The Road With A Cell Phone Signal Booster

Today, for most RV travelers, staying “connected” while seeking to be “unplugged” is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Many find cellular service and internet access to be just as important as electricity and water. Whether working remotely or just accessing information off the internet, the ability to remain connected often dictates how RVers travel and where they stay. Many find that they need a cell phone signal booster.

Kinda sad, isn’t it? We’ve all been there or have at least seen it…. the person walking around outside in circles holding their cellphone in the air just above eye level trying to find the “perfect” spot where they can get just enough signal to send that email or text message. We’ve become tethered to cellular towers and internet access like a dog on a chain.

For some, it’s the only way they can travel due to work commitments. For others, it’s just a lifestyle choice and social media rules the day. Either way, there are ways to, well for lack of a better way of putting it, extend our chain, and using cell phone signal booster is one of them.

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What is a cell phone signal booster?

So, let’s discuss one way we can increase our ability to travel and explore more remotely and increase our ability to remain connected. A cell phone signal booster like the SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV system might just fit the bill.

Complete SureCall Fusion2GORV kit
SureCall Fusion2GORV Kit

This system provides the maximum boost allowed by the FCC at a 50db gain. This increases your ability to “catch” a weak signal and bridges the gap between you and distant cellular towers. This system is capable of boosting a weak and otherwise useless signal and provides multiple users with strong reliable service. Does this sound like something you need? Keep reading.

The SureCall Fusion system comes as a simple to install kit, with a rooftop mountable antenna, 25′ coaxial antenna cable, inside antenna, auto gain adjusting booster, and a power supply. The rooftop or “outside” omnidirectional antenna “collects” a signal in a 360-degree circle so there is no need to “aim” the antenna.

Mounting the antenna

This antenna can easily be mounted to a ladder or RV roof with the provided brackets. The included internal booster and inside antenna takes the signal received from the outside antenna via the provided coaxial cable and boosts it. Then the boosted signal is rebroadcasted from the inside antenna wirelessly throughout the RV and to your device.

The SureCall Fusion2GORV Kit.
Fusion2GO 3.0 RV kit

The Fusion2Go System will automatically adjust its gain to provide the best signal based on the needs of the system.

This means that if you are close to a tower or in an area with good service, the Fusion2Go system will decrease its boost of the signal and if you are in an area with poor or weaker service, the system will increase its boost of the signal.

Because the SureCalls Omni Directional antenna does not have to be aimed, you can use the system while traveling down the road. Hence the “2Go” part of the Fusion’s name.

Great for Class A, B, and Class C RV owners

This is great for Class A, B, C, owners. Because we tow an Airstream travel trailer we actually have a second outside antenna installed on our GMC truck along with the one in our Airstream.

This setup allows us to use the system while driving in the truck and also while camped inside the Airstream by simply moving the booster from one to the other.

It is nice to be able to maintain a strong cell signal while towing in some of the more rural and remote areas off the interstate. It is also nice to be able to have a strong reliable signal inside our Airstream. Because of its aluminum shell, it’s an issue even in areas with good service.

The System can be powered by either the supplied 12-volt cigarette power plug or the supplied 120 volt AC power supply. This makes installation easy and customizable.

We can relocate our SureCall booster between the Truck and the Airstream Trailer.
SureCall booster in our trucks center console.

Installation and setup is fast and super easy. Your phone will automatically receive the SureCalls signal because it is just a boosted version of the normal cellular signal your device was looking for.

Works with all U.S. carriers

The SureCall Fusion2Go system works with all US carriers and does not require any additional software, subscriptions, or fees. Also, one added benefit to the SureCall system is it will help increase your mobile device’s battery life due to the fact it is not having to “look” for a signal all day long.

SureCall booster mounted behind our TV

So, does this mean that this little box can “magically” create a signal out of thin air? NO, of course not. If there is no signal to boost then……well there is no signal to boost.

Zero plus zero is still zero. But, it is quite capable of bridging the gaps between towers in areas with spotty, weak, and otherwise unusable service. Miracle worker? No. Great tool to have in the toolbox? Yes.

Boosting a weak signal in the SureCalls specialty.
The SureCall System can take marginal service and make it reliable.

We love our SureCall Fusion2GO system and find it’s a great addition to our travel toolbox. For more details on the installation, check out this video:

We also highly recommend the weBoost system – Read our previous article here