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Renovating A 2021 Aspen Trail For A Family Of Five

See Inside This Family RV Interior Remodeling Project

For Jackie Williams, DIY hobbies have been a passion since becoming a mom. So, she was thrilled when she and her family embarked on an RV interior remodeling adventure. The project allowed her to combine her love of DIY and camping to make a wonderful “retreat on wheels.”

Rad Ronda

Jackie and her husband Trey were tent campers for many years. Then they decided to buy an RV. The Williams family chose the 2021 Aspen Trail LE 1950BH and started renovating it. They lovingly named their remodeled camper “Rad Ronda.”

The RV bathroom remodel is Jackie’s favorite. She planned this room for months, thinking through all the details. The final RV bathroom remodeling look came out better than she imagined. She learned so much throughout the renovation. 

shower in renovated RV

DIY state and national park memory board

Jackie yearned for something unique to keep track of and display all the beautiful places they’ve been. It had to make sense in a small RV trailer like theirs. This DIY memory board became a special statement piece the entire family treasures.

state and national park memory board

RV interior remodeling advice 

Jackie still believes she has a lot to learn about renovating RVs. She says, “No matter how much you know about household DIY projects, it doesn’t compare to an RV interior remodeling project.”

“It takes much more thought and effort to make updates in an RV. You must be wise and thoughtful about how to use such a small space,” Jackie says. “Renovated camper projects have to be functional, lightweight, and there is not much elbow room,” she adds. 

For a first-time DIY RV remodel, Jackie advises: 

  • Start small. 
  • Take your time. Learn all your rig’s weird quirks and inner workings. 
  • Be prepared to be flexible. 
  • Use your resources and reach out for help when you need it.

Jackie also urges caution and thoughtfulness.

“One thing may lead to another, and the last thing you want is a gutted RV and no way to put it back together.”

Jackie Williams, @just_simply_jackie

About the Williams family

Jackie, Trey, and their three boys love being seasonal and weekend RVers. Living in Minnesota, they can’t wait for the snow to melt so they can embark on more family adventures in their beautifully renovated RV

Follow the Williams family on social media at @just_simply_jackie. See this entire RV interior remodeling project in process at @rad.ronda.rv.

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