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10 Food & Drink Containers You Can Upcycle For Camping

An easy way to reduce your impact on the environment is by upcycling containers. Taking something that would otherwise be tossed in the garbage, washing it out, and using it for storage is recycling at its finest.

For example, you can get definitely get a second life out of these ten food & drink containers on your next camping trip.

1. Coffee creamer

Coffee creamer containers are wonderfully versatile. Once they’re washed out you can use them to hold snacks like nuts, crackers, M&Ms, or even pre-cracked eggs that are ready to be scrambled. For measurement, mark the level after every two or three eggs on the container with a Sharpie.

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2. Ketchup bottles

Recycled ketchup containers are perfect for dispensing pre-made pancake batter. Try filling one up before a camping trip for quick and simple breakfasts over the campfire.

food container upcycle

3. Mint tins

Empty mint tins (like Altoids and Ice Breakers) are handy for holding tiny items like buttons, clips, earrings, hair bands, etc. Make sure to also keep them labeled or coded by brand/flavor so you can remember which items are in each container.

via Pinterest
Organizing with Altoids Tins by Matthew Moss is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

4. Beer six-pack holders

Going on a picnic? Try using an empty six-pack holder for your napkins and utensils. It’s fun, easy to carry, and can be folded and recycled again when your meal is done.

food container upcycle

5. Parmesan cheese

After you’ve used up your Parmesan cheese, peel off the label, wash out the container, and you have a perfectly usable storage bin. They’re great for holding nuts, candy, and other small snacks for camping & long road trips.

food container upcycle

6. Crystal Light containers

Have you seen the plastic containers that hold packets of Crystal Light lemonade and tea mixes? Well, they also happen to be the perfect size for storing crackers, carrots, and other small food items.

via Pinterest

7. Soda 12-packs

Instead of breaking down your soda boxes, try using them for convenient can storage. You can also use wrapping paper (as pictured below) to give them a nicer look than regular Dr. Pepper boxes.

food container upcycle

8. Coffee containers

Plastic coffee bins can be used for almost anything. Store your TP in them to keep it dry and clean, or use them to hold snacks like popcorn. The options are just about endless.

food container upcycle

9. Pringles cans

Pringles cans are ideal storage containers once you’ve enjoyed your chips. If you want to get really creative with your empty can, cut out a rectangle on the side, stick a skewer through it, and use it to cook your hot dogs. Get the step-by-step directions from Cat’s Science Club on Instructables.

food containers upcycle
via Cats Science Club on Instructables

10. Juice bottles

Empty juice containers can store cereal, nuts, grains, candies, or other small foods. Be sure to rinse them out really thoroughly, since most juices contain sugar and can leave containers sticky.

food containers upcycle

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