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Get Better Sleep With The Froli Sleep System

Having problems in the bedroom? I think we’ve found the solution! We installed the Froli Sleep system in our Airstream and it has helped us solve a couple of issues most RV owners have: condensation control and comfort.

The Froli system controls moisture by providing airflow. This prevents condensation from forming between our mattress and bed deck. The system provides sleeping comfort with a supportive spring base under our sleeping surface. The Froli name has been popular for years in the sailboat and yachting world. They can now add RV to their repertoire.

The problem

Does your RV’s bed mattress leave a lot to be desired? Do you wake up early in the morning to see the sunrise just because you can’t lay in that bed another minute longer? Do you struggle with condensation build-up under your RV’s mattress? We did, but I think we’ve found a pretty good solution.

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Froli Star Sleep System installed in our 23D Airstream
The solution

Froli systems provide a mattress foundation made from individual plastic spring pads that are firmness adjustable. They provide three different sleep systems. These include the Star, the Travel, and the Zona.

Each system varies in design, height, and spring surface area. Most Boat owners would choose the Travel system due to its ability to conform to any bed shape. RV and travel trailer owners, such as ourselves, would choose the Star system with its slightly smaller springs. The Zona system is the primary choice for a residential or home bed.

No matter the system you choose, each plastic spring is made from a very durable Hi-Tech thermoplastic elastomer. This material provides durability, memory, and precise flexing under load. They elevate the mattress slightly above the deck, which allows air to circulate under the mattress and provide pressure relief to the sleep surface.

The system is modular and can be sized to fit any size or shape sleeping surface. This is great for RVs which often have curved or odd-sized sleeping areas.

Assembly of the Froli Sleep system is like LEGOs for adults

We chose, based on the recommendation of the Froli team, the Star system for our install. We ordered the Double Size based on the measurements of our sleeping area and it was the perfect size for our corner bed Airstream.

The Star system offers springs in two different firmness levels. Also included are special red spring clips that can be used to increase a spring’s firmness. There are also dark blue springs for regular firmness and light blue springs for soft firmness. Our double system came with 80 regular springs, 16 soft springs, and 16 red tension clips.

The system is simple to assemble and install. The base plates are simply snapped together forming a mat. The individual springs are then attached to the mat. The base plate mat can be attached to the bed deck with screws. This will prevent it from sliding around during travel. The base plate mat can also be cut to allow for access to under-bed storage areas.

You can cut the base mat to allow access to under bed compartments

The individual springs are attached securely to the base with a twist lock-type mount. The total install took less than one hour and was very simple to complete. On a difficulty scale of 1-10, I would give this project a solid 2 because you do need to measure twice and cut once.

Froli Sleep System
The Froli system elevates the mattress allowing air to circulate
The verdict

We absolutely love our Froli sleep system. At the time this article was written, the “Double” system cost $319. Not exactly cheap, but there is a lot of value in the system.

The age-old adage of, “To kill two birds with one stone”, applies in that they provide both sleeping comfort and prevent condensation through increased airflow. So, what is the downside you might ask… Well, you may miss a few more sunrises…

Get the Froli Sleep System

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