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RV Bedroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your RV. It’s the place where you’ll rest and recharge after a long day of adventuring! At first, you may only need the essentials like a bed and a bit of storage space. But if you plan to spend more time in your RV and truly turn it into a home, you’ll want to read about these RV bedroom remodeling ideas.

If you shudder to hear the word “remodeling,” you’re not alone! It probably makes you think of long, exhausting days while you try to make a room look halfway decent. And it’s a process that can drain your bank account, too. But in an RV, there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to update your space. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your bedroom cozy and cute!

Below, we have 11 remodeling ideas that anyone can do. Most of them can be done in less than a day, and you can spend as much or as little as you want on materials. The ideas are flexible, so everyone can put their own unique spin on things. Read on to learn how you can update your bedroom on a budget.

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Budget-Friendly RV Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

1. Install an Interesting Headboard

The headboard might seem like a basic item, but it can actually serve as the focal point for the entire bedroom! The wall space behind the bed tends to be the largest open area you have to work with. You can opt for a simple fabric cover or get creative by incorporating shelves, light fixtures, decorations, and more.

Some people even use this space as an artistic canvas! You can paint custom designs or use decals for a personalized effect. Others like to create geometric designs with wood slats. For a budget-friendly approach, you could wrap pool noodles in fabric and arrange them along the headboard for a ridged and padded look. There are so many opportunities to reflect your style on the headboard!

2. Add Fun Curtains

Almost every RV bedroom comes with a window or two. The natural light is a great way to breathe life into the room, but you’ll also want some privacy when you camp at crowded parks. Although you may have blinds or curtains installed already, you can always replace them with curtains that showcase your style.

Some RVers love floor-length curtains because they make the room feel taller. Others prefer shorter curtains that are easy to open and close. Pre-made curtains are quite affordable, but you can also make your own if you have a specific color or design in mind. You can even hang up blankets as curtains! These usually have interesting patterns, plus they make the entire room feel cozier.

3. Use Wooden Accents for a Natural Look

Reclaimed wood is all the rage in RVs these days. So why not incorporate some wooden accents into your remodeling ideas? As mentioned above, you can use wood to create a custom headboard. But it also works well for shelves, window trim, decorations, and more.

Wood is a fantastic material to add because it creates a warm, natural aesthetic. The grain pattern is often its own work of art, plus you can easily find scrap wood if you’re on a tight budget.

4. Paint the Cabinets for a Pop of Color

Most RV bedrooms already have some built-in storage options. Overhead cabinets above the bed at extremely common, but you might also have bedside tables, dressers, closets, etc. These may be fully functional, but do they really add any visual appeal to your room?

If you want to spice things up, turn to one of the oldest remodeling ideas in the book: Adding a fresh coat of paint! Painting your cabinets can freshen up the space and add a dynamic splash of color. Pick up a few paint swatches to determine what you like, then get to work. The end result will make a world of difference!

5. Incorporate Hanging Storage/Decorations

Don’t forget about the wall space during your remodeling. Even if you only have a few feet to work with, walls can be extremely transformative. Hooks, baskets, and other wall accents will give you extra space for storage and decorations. You can use this space to hang photographs, plants, hats, coats, and more.

6. Add Mirrors to Your Closet Doors

Mirrors can also come in handy if you’re looking for budget-friendly remodeling ideas. Mirrors can make any space feel larger, so they can be great additions to a small RV bedroom. Plenty of rooms come with wardrobes and closets.

The doors on these storage units are also the perfect size for a mounted mirror. This will make it easier to get ready in the morning, plus it makes your room feel brighter and more spacious. In addition, mirrors lie flat against the surface so they won’t protrude into your space.

7. Choose a New Wallpaper

Although there’s nothing wrong with plain walls, you might be looking for a new way to incorporate fun colors and patterns into your bedroom. If so, why not install some wallpaper? There are countless designs to choose from, and they can really add a spark or individuality to any room.

Wallpaper is also quite easy to apply, so you won’t have to spend too much time and money to complete this project. And if you don’t like the end result, just pick a new design and start over! It’s a forgiving project that pays off with a tremendous visual impact.

8. Install New Flooring/Rugs

It’s important to make good use of your walls. But what about the floor? RV bedrooms tend to have either carpet or linoleum for the flooring. Although both of these can work just fine, they don’t always match the rest of the design elements you’ve chosen.

There are lots of attractive and budget-friendly flooring options to explore. Peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles are a great way to update the flooring in your bedroom. They come in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best fits your style.

You can also use rugs to add a colorful, cozy element to the bedroom. If you have limited floor space, you can even use decorative doormats for a similar effect.

9. Hang String Lights

Nothing says cozy quite like a string of warm fairy lights. Use a couple of strands of string lights to turn your bedroom into a magical getaway. If your primary light fixtures are too bright for your taste, string lights can create a cozy, diffused type of illumination.

10. Update the Light Fixtures

Speaking of lights, let’s talk about your light fixtures! Lighting can really change the mood of a room, so you’ll want fixtures and bulbs that match your decoration style. There are countless options when it comes to sconces, bulbs, shades, and more.

You also may want to upgrade to LED lights (if you haven’t already). These have dimming capabilities, and some of them can even offer a range of colors so you can choose if you want warm, cool, or multicolored lights. A unique light fixture can really tie an entire room together!

11. Add a Few Decorative Pillows and Blankets

Finally, don’t forget about the finishing touches. Remodeling ideas can be as simple as adding a cute pillow or blanket to the ensemble. Plus, these additions will make your bed more comfortable when you want to go to sleep or cuddle up with a good book.

Wrapping Up

Remodeling your RV bedroom doesn’t have to be a daunting, expensive task. With these 11 budget-friendly ideas, you can transform your space into a cozy, personalized retreat that reflects your unique style and needs. From installing an interesting headboard to adding decorative pillows and blankets, each suggestion offers a simple yet effective way to enhance your bedroom. Remember, the beauty of RV living is in its flexibility and the opportunity it presents for creative expression. We encourage you to experiment with these ideas and make them your own.

And if you’ve tried any of these tips or have other innovative RV bedroom remodeling ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences in the comments section below to inspire fellow RV enthusiasts on their own remodeling journeys. Your ideas and creativity could be the spark that helps others turn their RV into a home away from home.

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