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This Remodeled Camper Has The Best RV Bathroom Design

This Remodeled Camper Has The Best RV Bathroom Design

Buying any RV is going to come with pros and cons. Sometimes the only downside is that they come with a tiny or outdated bathroom. In this case, it’s time to turn to remodeling ideas so you can make a living space with the best RV bathroom design for your needs.

There are countless places to look for inspiration when it comes to RV decorating and remodeling projects. One of our favorite remodels comes from All Signs Point West, which is a channel run by Summer and Ryan. They create beautiful RV remodels and demonstrate their progress in a series of videos. This particular bathroom design comes from a 2001 Shasta Freeport Motorhome.

Even though RV bathrooms are so small, they’re critical to a happy life on the road. Let’s explore this project and maybe you’ll get some inspiration to create the best RV bathroom design in your own camper!

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This project began with a fairly basic RV bathroom. The room itself was a half bath with only a sink, toilet, and a small storage cabinet. The space is very small and the original interior was fairly outdated. There were white and grey speckled walls and wooden cabinetry. It was functional, but just didn’t have any style or sense of comfort.

The renovators completely redecorated and remodeled this little half bath, though! To break it down into manageable pieces, let’s look at the sink/vanity to begin.

In the beginning, they had a recessed sink built into the existing cabinetry. It had two handles (hot and cold), and a single faucet. The cabinets did their job well enough, but just looked old and unflattering.

In the photo below, you can see that they replaced the old countertop with a new one, completely removing the recessed sink. Now there is a lovely white bowl that minimizes splashing and keeps the countertop drier than before. The faucet itself was also replaced with a raised faucet that only needs one temperature-control handle.

RV bathroom sink and vanity

The original cabinet structure is the same, but they have now been painted white to add a bit more brightness to the space. It also feels a bit more modern with this clean, solid look as opposed to the original wooden grain. The old countertop was replaced with a sleek wood pattern, which helps to add an organic element to this space.

Likewise, the existing toilet didn’t need to be replaced or updated because it was perfectly functional. It is just a plain white item that fits in with the new surroundings quite nicely. Overall, this is a nice functional space that is much more inviting after the changes. It could definitely be called the best RV bathroom design (at least for a half bath of this size!)


The changes to the half bath are chic and modern, but the updated shower is really the main item that sets this apart as the best RV bathroom design we’ve seen recently.

The shower in this RV isn’t actually part of the enclosed bathroom space. It was part of the main bedroom and occupies a corner of the room. This might seem like an odd placement choice for some, but it enabled the owners of this RV to do some beautiful updates!

The original shower had metal and glass plating that closed it off from the surrounding room. Summer and Ryan noted that the original coloring of the interior was a yellowish off-white that wasn’t immediately noticeable, but became more apparent once the surrounding walls had been painted white.

They opted to do a full remodel of this space (with assistance from Summer’s father). The original structure was almost completely removed. The existing walls were then repainted white with a shower epoxy kit. This enabled it to keep its waterproof capabilities, but blend in with the surrounding walls more easily.

After that, they replaced the old showerhead with a new RV shower faucet. This was made with an attractive, dark metal that contrasted well with the surrounding white walls.

Finally, it was time to move on to the new exterior structure of the shower. The general shape is the same as the old one, with a slightly geometric shape boxing in the corner. However, this new setup is much more open. To begin, a new frame was crafted from cedar wood. This material was selected because cedar is water-resistant and perfect for projects like this. The wood forms the braces against the walls, as well as the frame of the lower structure.

Copper piping was then used to create the overhead shower rod. Traditional shower curtain rods wouldn’t work for a shower like this, so something custom was necessary. The copper adds a bit of shine and rustic charm to this setup, and it blends well with the color of the cedar frames.

Finally, the last thing to do was add finishing touches! This shower has a lovely black and white patterned shower curtain, raw wood accents, and even a potted plant for some fresh color. It’s a beautiful statement piece and Summer and Ryan both love the finished product.

best RV bathroom design with shower

Decorative touches

Between the half bath and the custom shower, we definitely think this remodel is worthy of the best RV bathroom design title. Everything is classy and functional, but the little decorative touches just bring it up to a new level.

The half bath originally had a vertical medicine cabinet against one wall, but to create more open space, the owners of this RV elected to remove it during the remodel. To make up for the lost storage space, they installed a set of hooks on one wall and wire basket shelving on the other. This makes the storage easier to access, plus it blends into their color scheme.

The original bathroom mirror was also replaced with a circular mirror. The wall behind it was painted white and decorated with a radiating pattern of black dashes. This adds visual interest to an otherwise white wall.

The color scheme of the whole bathroom is simple and unified. The main color is white, but it’s accented with gold from the mirror frame, wall hooks, and faucet. The dark wood countertop and black wall patterning add some nice contrast without going overboard.

If you loved this bathroom remodel as much as we did, please check out the other videos on their YouTube channel. You could take some inspiration from this build and apply it to your own RV pretty easily! It’s a cheap, beautiful, and crafty way to create the best RV bathroom design for your camper.

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