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Revamp Your RV Shower: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancements and Upgrades

This post was updated on March 27th, 2024

One of the greatest luxuries of traveling in an RV is the ability to take a shower anywhere you go. RV bathrooms may be small, but they provide the perfect place for you to rest and refresh. But sometimes the standard RV showers leave much to be desired. If you’re interested in shower upgrades, you’re in the right place!

There are several ways for you to improve your experience in the shower. Even small changes and upgrades can make a big difference. The first thing you might think of is replacing the current shower head for a newer model. Although that’s certainly a great place to start, we want to delve even deeper and look at every part of the space; from the walls to the floor and storage options.

The bathroom is an important part of your RV. With just a few small upgrades, you can transform this space into a clean, functional, and easy-to-navigate sanctuary. There’s no need to put up with poor performance and awkward designs. Read on to explore our DIY guide to RV shower upgrades.

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Shower Head Upgrades

If you’re not happy with your current RV shower head, it’s actually quite easy to replace it! RVs don’t require any specially designed products, so you can use any model that fits the space.

All you need to do is empty your freshwater tanks or turn off the flow of water in your RV. Then unscrew the current fixture, clean the threads (or wrap them in plumber’s tape if they’re worn out), then install the new shower head! There are multiple options available to you, but the three types below may give you some ideas of where to get started.

1. Detachable Sprayer

A fixed shower head is fine for most people. But sometimes you’ll want something with more direct control, especially if you need to bathe small children or pets. There are plenty of handheld models on the market and these can fit neatly into any RV shower. One of the most popular products is the AquaCare High Pressure Handheld Shower Head.

2. Water-Saving Nozzles

Next up, consider your water usage. RVs can only carry a fixed amount of water if you’re boondocking. If you don’t have access to a water hookup, you’ll have to make the liquid in your tanks last as long as possible. That’s where water-saving nozzles come into play. These still help you get clean, but they use less water to do so.

The Luxsego Filtered Shower Head can help you cut back on 30% of your usual water usage. It also filters hard water and creates a more cleansing experience. The Niagara N2610 – Bi-Max Adjustable Flow Rate Showerhead is another great option because you can choose how much water is released at a time.

3. Multiple Stream Settings

Everybody has different preferences when it comes to showers. Some people want a single direct stream, while others prefer a gentle rainfall effect. If you and your passengers can’t agree on the best design, why not choose a shower head with multiple spray settings?

If you want the best of both worlds, try the Razime 10”Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld Combo. This features a fixed shower head with a rainfall setting, plus a handheld attachment that can switch between 8 different settings. Everyone should be able to find an option they like with this combination!

Storage Options

When it comes to shower upgrades, the shower head is certainly important! But if you’re satisfied with your current setup, it’s time to look beyond this piece. Storage space within the shower is another important element to consider.

If you’re anything like me, you have to find space for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and several other odds and ends. You can use a shower caddy if you’ve run out of space, but these can be awkward to store, plus they can lead to unwanted puddles. But even if your shelf-space is limited, there are other ways you can upgrade your shower to add more options.

1. Vertical Tension Rod with Shelves

Space on the floor and on the surrounding walls may be limited. Besides, you don’t want to leave items where they can easily be knocked over or stepped on! So if you need more real estate for your soaps, try using a vertical tension rod with built-in storage shelves.

These can fit neatly into a corner and they’ll keep your products within easy reach. This Adjustable Stainless Steel Shower Organizer is a fantastic option for RVers who need more space.

2. Hanging Storage from the Shower Head

We’ve already covered the importance of a good shower head, but you can also use these fixtures for some hanging storage. This frees up the rest of the wall space in your shower, making it easier to turn around and clean yourself.

The only drawback is that these hanging baskets can sometimes slip and fall. So if you want something that can lock into place with some suction cups, try the Zenna Home Hanging Shower Caddy.

3. Wall-Mounted Pump Bottles

Many hotels have started using this next trick! If you’re tired of knocking over bottles or shuffling through the baskets to find the right one, you can switch to wall-mounted pump bottles. These will remain fixed in place so you can easily get the right amount of soap without a fuss.

You can refill them with products of your choice and it will help cut back on shower clutter. The 3 Chamber Wall Mount Soap and Shower Dispenser is a popular product if you’re interested in this solution.

Shower Seat

Next on the list of shower upgrades, we have an optional add-in that’s worth considering. When you think of shower seats, you might think of blocky medical chairs. Although these are certainly a good option for those who need them, you can also class up your shower by adding a stylish seat.

These give you a nice place to sit down, plus they make it easier to wash your feet and legs. In addition, some seats have storage space underneath, so you can use them for products that don’t fit anywhere else. There are fold-out seats that can lie flat against the wall, or removable ones that can be positioned any way that you choose. If you’re interested, there’s bound to be an option that will work for your shower!

Flooring Upgrades

Most RV showers come with non-slip flooring to prevent falls or accidents. But the surface can become worn down over time. In addition, some models are smooth all-around and they can become very slippery when wet. So whether it’s for safety or style, you may want to think about installing shower upgrades for your floors.

The ENKOSI Large Bath Mat is a utilitarian approach that provides great grip and drainage. It’s easy to install and remove and you can cut it to the correct size for your specific shower. If you want something with more decorative flair, check out the SONGZIMING Non-Slip Pebble Bathtub Mat. This resembles smooth river stones and can add some style to your bathroom.

Shower Curtain Installation

If you really want to perform dramatic shower upgrades, you can remove the glass walls and replace them with a shower curtain. Although glass walls look nice, they can be difficult to clean. Plus, they may intrude into the rest of the bathroom.

Removing these walls will require careful work. But once they’re gone, you can simple install a shower curtain rod (curved or straight) and enjoy a more open-concept bathroom! In addition, you can select the design for the shower curtain, which can change the entire mood of the space.

Wrapping Up

Enhancing your RV shower goes beyond simple aesthetics; it’s about maximizing comfort and functionality in your mobile space. From choosing the right shower head to optimizing storage and flooring, every modification plays a part in creating a more enjoyable RV experience.

And remember, your unique upgrades can inspire others! Share your stories and tips in the comments below or on RV forums like iRV2, where a community of fellow RVers can benefit from your experiences. Your insights could be just the inspiration someone needs for their next RV shower project!

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