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YouTuber Turns Her Fiberglass Trailer Into A Tiny Office

If you are stuck working from home, you may have noticed that space in the house is getting a little tight. To remedy this, have you ever considered turning your existing RV into a little office? This is just what YouTuber and writer Holly has done with her HC1 made by Happier Camper.

Holly is a YouTuber and writer who works out of her fiberglass HC1 camper.
Photos and screenshots courtesy of
Fern the Camper.

Holly, her husband, and their daughter purchased their HC1, named Fern, as a way to escape Southern California and visit local national and state parks. The HC1 is a lightweight fiberglass towable trailer. Among fiberglass trailer fans, it is known as one of the most adaptable trailers on the market.

With its proprietary Adaptiv™ system, the HC1 can be converted into dozens of configurations. The modular cubes can be used to set up beds, seating and dining areas, cooking spaces, and even workspaces. The HC1 is also famous for having a large hatch in the rear that offers additional outdoor space and lets in great light and views.

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Fern the Camper on its way to the beach.

“When it’s time to go camping, we throw all our gear and food (we grow most of our own) in her, head off to our campsites, then set up the queen bed and single bed for our daughter. As a travel trailer, she does the job beautifully and we always get asked about her when we’re on the road.”

“When we get back from camping, we clear out the dirty clothes and sheets, I roll up the mattress topper and start reordering the cubes into my ideal office space. Now, every time we get back, I choose a different configuration for my office. Sometimes I double stack the cubes and have more floor space where I can curl up on the floor and type. Other times I will sit at a more formal table area. The key for me is that it needs to have everything to hand, must be comfortable and has to be clean.”

Holly edits YouTube videos and writes historical novels in Fern.

Holly uses Fern as an outdoor office separate from her home to create and edit Fern the Camper YouTube videos as well as writing projects. Holly writes fictional short stories, historical articles, and historical fiction novels under the pen name Lizzy Drake.

“It’s great to work in a fiberglass camper—it’s the perfect office! If I want to pull down the blinds and focus solely on work, I can, if I want to open the back hatch and open the windows to let the outside in, I can do that too. Because of the nature of the trailer, I can relocate to the beach and still have my power on (I have the off-grid solar package). Essentially, it’s a place to work outside the home, either on the driveway, or anyplace else I can park her.”

Holly and her family did not anticipate using Fern as a little, mobile office. They actually thought they would rent out the trailer when it was not being used, but the insurance to rent was a deterrent. Holly adds that she has also become so possessive of Fern, that she doesn’t want to share her.

Fern has a standard kitchenette with a stove and sink.

Using a camper or trailer as an office may require some adjustments. Holly says her daughter would love to share the space with her to “work” on her Nintendo DS, so she has to kick her out to get work done. Holly also has to pull down the blinds while working in her driveway to maintain privacy from prying eyes.

“Even when I’m working on the driveway in Fern, I feel like I’m away from home and in the “office” which means no distractions that would normally slow work down. The HC1 makes for an effective office cubicle and there is nobody to halt progress if you’re alone.”

The HC1 can be configured in many ways for living, sleeping, and working.

The family also takes a few security measures for Fern. They keep the stabilizers down and always lock the door. They park a car in front of the trailer to deter theft. Holly also doesn’t leave her laptop in the trailer overnight.

Fern already has a 100-watt solar panel on the roof and an AGM deep cycle battery. Holly mentions that they have been tempted to increase the trailer’s solar capacity, but they barely tap the energy from the current system. For now, she doesn’t plan to add any options to increase either the camping or office space.

The HC1 back hatch lets in light and fresh air.

While this trailer is a simple camping option without a bathroom or full kitchen, that back hatch seems to be a big selling point.

“All three of us love Fern and the HC1 provides everything we need and with a weight our current car can tow. I wouldn’t ever want to lose the back hatch. Opening that up and seeing the sun set in the desert from bed is an experience that no shower can replace.”

Learn more about Fern the Camper and watch Holly set up the HC1’s bed and her mobile office. In addition, if you are interested in the HC1, watch Holly’s list of what she loves and doesn’t love about her HC1.

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