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How To Install An RV TV Mount

Wall mounted TV - RV TV mount
Watch TV from any angle

How To Install An RV TV Mount

For most people, RVing is a chance to get away, spend time in nature, and focus on friends and family.

However, there are rainy, cold days, and sometimes impatient children. Maybe movie nights are a part of your routine or you just have to catch your favorite team while on the road.

Many RVs come equipped with TVs but some do not. Your RV may just have one in the main living area. You may be adding a second TV or relocating your current TV to a more ideal spot.

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RV walls are thin and can be tricky to mount heavy items such as a TV. Let’s take a look at how to install an RV TV mount.

Types of mounts

There are lots of different types of RV TV mounts to fit your needs. Think about how you want to mount your TV. Will it be fixed or an adjustable mount for different angles? Will it need to be moved out of the way or locked in position for travel? What size and weight is your TV?

RV TV mount stock photo from Amazon
Adjustable RV TV mount – Photo via Amazon

Mounting location

Most RVs have limited wall space for something as large as a TV. The walls are also very thin and in locations will have electrical and possibly plumbing running through them.

Many RV TV mounts can adjust in any direction to get you the perfect angle. Another great option is using a flip-down ceiling mount for your TV.

It is worth noting that many RVs will have a location reinforced for a TV mount. These locations are marked on new RVs. Check with the manufacturer or online RV forums to see if your RV has one.

RV TV mount installation

With your mount location confirmed, you can now begin the simple process of installing the mount.

Locate studs or reinforced areas

Find the nearest stud location to where you will want your TV mounted. This can be done very easily with a stud finder or by locating the seams in the wall paneling.

It is important to install your TV mount on a stud to support the weight of the TV. Alternatively, it may be possible to reinforce another area with plywood or similar material and fasteners designed for thin wall mounting. A stud will be your best option.

Mark fastener locations

With a solid mounting location, you can now place the mount at the desired height and confirm the location will work with the movement of the mount.

Ensure the mount is level using a small level or by taking measurements.

It is always a good idea to pre-drill the holes for the mounting hardware when using larger screws.

Secure TV mount

Use the supplied hardware or hardware that properly fits the TV mount and supports the required weight.

Hold the mount in place and confirm that the pre-drilled holes line up with the mount. Start the first fastener in one of the pre-drilled holes. Continue with the remainder of the fasteners.

The TV is now ready to be attached to the mount. Confirm that the TV is securely mounted and that the entire assembly feels solid. If using an adjustable mount, make sure the TV freely moves for full adjustment.

If you haven’t installed a locking TV mount, don’t forget to secure the TV before travel!

A TV isn’t a necessity in an RV, but if you need to add one it’s best to know how to properly mount your RV TV for both safety and convenience.

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