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6 Tips For Organizing Your RV’s Kitchen

Keep your RV kitchen organized. Photo via iRV2 Forums

6 Tips For Organizing Your RV’s Kitchen

Professional chefs and home cooks alike can agree that RV kitchens are small. They are so tiny that cooking a regular weekday dinner is a bit of a challenge, and whipping up a holiday feast in such a space is a minor miracle.

That said, it is pretty nice to have your own little kitchen wherever you may roam, and by using the small amount of space you do have in an efficient way, you will definitely be able to work well with what you’ve got.

Of course, the most important part of ensuring you are being efficient in your RV cooking space is to put some serious thought into the storage and organization of the place. After all, poor storage choices inevitably results in cluttered cabinets and difficult-to-find cooking utensils.

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In this article, we are going to share some of our favorite tips for ensuring you are using your small kitchen space as wisely as possible.

1. Put cabinet doors to use

The insides of cabinet doors offer tons of storage space. Take advantage of it! Hang a knife rack, or attach some boxes, baskets, or shelves. Not only is this space wide open, but it’s also easily accessible, making it prime real estate for some of your kitchen items in need of permanent homes.

Cabinet door storage
Image source: YouTube

Some of our favorite things to hang here include:

  • A knife rack to hold your entire knife set.
  • Plastic file organizers (or magazine holders) to hold foil, parchment paper, and plastic bags.
  • A hook or shelf to hold your cutting board.

2. Use stackable containers

Pantry space is pretty limited in an RV, so this is one area where you really have to get creative. A great option for maximizing the space you have for food storage is to move all dry ingredients to stackable plastic containers. Not only will this ensure everything fits like a puzzle, but it will also keep your food nice and fresh.

Stackable containers
Image source: YouTube

Just be sure to take note of important information such as expiration dates before tossing the original packaging.

3. Hang a spice rack

You never know when you’ll need to reach for the salt or pepper, and it’s nice to have your other spices close at hand as well. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for those little bottles to get lost in the pantry.  For this reason, it’s best to invest in a hanging spice rack to keep everything in order.

Spice rack
Image source: YouTube

There are hundreds of options when it comes to wall-mounted spice racks. However, one of our favorites are these magnetic spice tins from Amazon. The rack will ensure your spices stay firmly in place during your travels, and because they come with over a hundred different spice labels, the whole setup looks great.

4. Display mugs on hooks

All coffee drinkers need to have mugs on hand. That said, mugs are one of the most annoying items to store when you are working with a limited amount of space. This is because mugs don’t stack well, making them a very space-consuming item.

Image source: YouTube

You can solve this problem in your rig by hanging some cup hooks under one of your cabinets or on a wall. This will give you a great place to store your mugs while also offering you the opportunity to display your unique collection. Additionally hanging the mugs makes them more accessible when the time for coffee arrives, something that is always a huge bonus if you ask us.

5. Invest in shelves for dishes and cookware

If you will be storing your dishes or cookware in a cabinet rather than a drawer, you will find that you can create twice as much space by splitting the cabinet into two tiers using simple shelving.

This will help you keep your plates, bowls, pots, and pans organized while also giving you a bit more space to work with. Best of all, shelving is cheap, easy to find, and incredibly simple to install, making this little trick a no-brainer.

6. Go multifunctional and stackable

We all know that kitchen gadgets are fun. Who wouldn’t want a slicer specifically for avocados or a high-end espresso machine? However, keeping these types of single-use gadgets and appliances around just isn’t practical when you’re working out of a tiny kitchen.

Image source: YouTube

Instead of hanging onto these types of things, go for multifunctional tools like the Instant Pot pressure cooker or this 3-in-1 cooking station. These will save you room by removing the need to have a gadget for every task.

In addition to seeking out multifunctional tools, you may also want to go stackable as much as possible. Nesting items are perfect for small spaces, and there are many options for such things out there. Nesting pots, mixing bowls, and measuring cups are just a few of the space-saving kitchen items you’ll find with very little effort.

We hope these ideas help you become comfortable in your small cooking space. Remember: Good things come in tiny packages. Happy trails!

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