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Clever Uses For Your Pickup Truck Bed

Clever Uses For Your Pickup Truck Bed. Photo by Alan Levine

Clever Uses For Your Pickup Truck Bed

My family adores our RV lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean we have to love everything about it. One of the things we really don’t appreciate is the fact that we have to drive a giant pickup truck in order to pull our travel trailer from one place to the next.

This is frustrating for a number of reasons. For one thing, the truck is a gas guzzler. On top of that, the truck is difficult to park, hard to get in and out of, and a pain to drive in busy cities.

If you feel the same way about driving a giant truck around the country, you are not alone. There are dozens of RVers out there who feel the exact same way.

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Below are some creative and sometimes even fun ways you can take full advantage of your big truck while it isn’t towing your trailer. By implementing these ideas, you might just change the way you feel about your big pickup.

Truck Bed for Storage
Image source: Unsplash

Extra storage

The most obvious suggestion on this list is storage. We’re guessing quite a few of you already use your truck bed for storage of one type or another. However, it’s still worth mentioning for those who might be on the lookout for added storage.

Afraid of your things getting wet? Simply add a truck cap to the top of the bed and you have a rainproof garage that can safely hold onto your belongings, no matter what they may be.

Truck hammock

A little more fun and a lot more relaxing is the idea of using your truck as a napping spot. After all, who doesn’t want to be prepared for the possibility of a nap at any given time?

Some people choose to use huge truck bed hammocks such as these “Jammocks.” These are amazingly comfortable and big enough to hold two people (or a few kids).

Others prefer a hammock that uses the hitch receiver. This is a great option because it doesn’t require the use of nearby trees to hang your hammock (which many campgrounds prohibit anyway) and leaves the bed free for other uses.

Either way, you’ll be left with an awesome napping spot wherever you may roam.

Set up a hammock in your truck bed or on the hitch receiver. Photo via Amazon

Pickup tent

RVing is awesome. That said, some people want to tent camp from time to time.

If you’re one of those who’d like to sleep in a tent but can’t imagine sleeping on the ground, a truck bed tent like this might be a good option for you. As you might imagine, this handy tent fits perfectly in the bed of your truck, giving you the experience of sleeping in a tent without requiring you to sleep on the ground.

Pool in the bed

Sometimes after a long day of hiking, all you want to do is relax in the pool. Many campgrounds do offer this amenity, but unfortunately, there are some that don’t. What are you going to do when you’re in a campground devoid of a pool? What about when you’re boondocking?

Enter the truck bed pool.

This fun idea has been floating around the internet for quite some time now. Simply put a tarp (or some other kind of liner) into your truck bed, fill it with water, and get in.

This is a great idea in some circumstances. However, we do have to issue a word of warning: Not all trucks will be able to handle this. Water is very heavy, meaning a bed full of water can easily push you over your truck’s cargo limit. Know your limitations and do the math before attempting this particular idea.

Truck camper

Want something that’s easier to move than your trailer but a bit more comfortable than a truck tent? If so, a small truck camper might be a good option.

Camper in bed of truck
Truck campers are a great option. Image source: Pixabay

These tiny living spaces are perfect for quick getaways and compared to a trailer, they’re much easier to pull up mountains and/or squeeze into tight spaces. In fact, you might just find you prefer the truck camper over the big trailer for many of your jaunts!

Truck campers are also a great way to expand upon your living space if you live in your RV. They can give you that office or extra bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. This is an especially good idea if you have older teens who’d like their own space.

Truck bed bike rack

Finally, there is the idea of turning your truck bed into a bike storage space. We all know how annoying it can be to find a bike rack that’ll work while towing, and in many cases, a truck bed rack is the best solution.

A rack such as this one is easy to install, it holds the bikes perfectly while traveling, and it can even be used outside of the truck bed, giving you a spot to store your bikes while stationary.

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