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Get an RV Carpet Protector Makeover

carpet protector installed on RV carpet with two chairs in background inside RV - feature image for RV carpet protector
What are the benefits of an RV carpet protector? (Image: Amazon)

Give Your Rig an RV Carpet Protector Makeover

An RV carpet protector set is helpful if the carpeting adjacent to your slide out are worn and frayed from repeated use of the slide out. These inexpensive investments can save your RV carpet from looking bad, and put off replacement for as long as possible.

RV slide outs can damage RV flooring over time.

It happens when the slide out drags over the carpet or other flooring surface. As it moves, the bottom rollers create friction atop the flooring. The RV slide out motor then works harder to get the mechanism in or out. It can take many operations of the slideout to provoke damage to carpet and flooring adjacent to the slide. 

An RV carpet protector can provide an easy solution to wear and tear on both the carpet and the slideout motor. It’s like giving your RV flooring a makeover!

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RV rollers can damage carpet (Image: @jjbsmith, iRV2 Forums Member)

Signs you need an RV carpet protector

  • Small pebbles or bits of gravel find their way into the RV, get stuck under the slideout, then drag on the carpet
  • Your RV carpet is fraying or streaked with dark marks from slide out rollers 
  • The slide out motor sounds like it’s struggling
  • You’d like to avoid damage to your RV carpet before it starts

How does an RV carpet protector work?

Lippert’s RV carpet protectors are two slippery plastic strips held in place by small nibs on the bottom. You just place the strips on the slide out path before retracting the slide out. The nibs hold the RV carpet protectors in place as the slideout glides over them, instead of dragging on the carpet.  

Conclusion on RV Carpet Protectors

If you have carpet in your RV adjacent to your slide out room, it’s a good idea to use RV carpet protectors to keep the carpet in good shape. You save wear and tear on your slide out motor, too.

RV carpet protectors are easy to install before bringing the slide in for travel. When you get to your destination, they are equally easy to remove. These inexpensive RV gadgets are an ingenious but very simple idea that works very effectively to keep your carpet looking nice.

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