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Live An Untethered Life With The RV DataSat 840 – The Newest Mobile Satellite Internet for RVs

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

What if you could take a permanent RV road trip to explore the most stunning and remote places on the continent, while still being able to work online and manage everyday business needs? With mobile satellite Internet for RVs, you can. The new RV DataSat840 offered by MobilSat (Mobil Satellite Technologies) lets you go anywhere your roaming heart desires while staying connected to the Internet.

Your mobile Internet hotspot won’t work out here.

mobile satellite Internet for RVs
Rene Agredano

Most RVers who need reliable Internet connectivity use mobile hotspot devices that broadcast a WiFi signal to their devices. The problem with relying on these little gadgets is that travels are limited to the location of the nearest cellular towers. The average RVer finds these devices usually meet his needs, but what happens when they want to travel out of cell phone range but still have to work? The answer is simple: if you want to get anything done, you don’t!

RV DataSat 840 Revolutionizes Mobile Satellite Internet for RVs

The only current Internet option for untethered RV travels is a mobile satellite system. The best type of system gets you online anywhere with a rooftop mounted dish that automatically deploys and locates a satellite signal with just one click. We’ve had this kind of setup since we started full-timing in 2007 and are thrilled to see that it’s now light years ahead of previous systems.

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A rooftop-mounted mobile satellite Internet system made for RVs gets you online faster.

mobile satellite Internet for RVs
Rene Agredano

Mobile satellite Internet systems for RVs have been around for years, but the pitfalls were plenty, including slow connectivity speeds, daily bandwidth caps and monthly service contracts. That’s all changed now with MobilSat’s new RV DataSat 840, which puts all those disadvantages by the wayside.

MobilSat’s RV DataSat840 system goes up with one click.

mobile satellite Internet for RVs
Rene Agredano

With no monthly contracts and the company’s innovative Insta-Sat pay-as-you-go, on-demand satellite Internet service plans, the RV DataSat 840 is the most exciting news ever for those interested in a mobile satellite Internet system for their RV.

Benefits of the RV DataSat840 Rooftop .84m Satellite Dish

  • easy to install mount and hardware
  • no modem commissioning required
  • one-touch controller with display and html interface
  • no contract, pay as you go bandwidth

The best Internet option for off-grid RVing.

mobile satellite Internet for RVs

The RV DataSat 840 is the only consumer level automatic satellite internet antenna currently available. It’s light years ahead of previous systems in many different ways such as:

Ease of installation. MobilSat’s RV DataSat 840 includes all required networking hardware – iDirect modem, dish controller, wireless router, and cabling. Installation is much easier with a lift, so it does pay to hire an outfit like Oregon Satellite RV to set it up.

It’s a DIY system but installers make the initial installation easier.

mobile satellite Internet for RVs
Rene Agredano

Getting online is much faster. Older mobile satellite Internet systems could take as long as 20 minutes or more to connect to the internet. The RV DataSat 840 never takes longer than a few minutes. The calibration routine is much quicker, and satellite signal identification and optimization by the DataSAT controller can be described in one word: Fast.

Online in less than two minutes. A big improvement!

mobile satellite Internet for RVs
Rene Agredano

Connectivity speeds compare to 4G networks. In the past, mobile satellite Internet systems had slower upload and download speeds – not anymore. The new RV DataSat 840 speeds can get up to 4 Mbps download X 512 Kbps upload, putting them in line with any 4G WiFi network. Unlike the old days of mobile satellite Internet, now you can utilize bandwidth for everything from streaming movies to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone and video chats.

This is great news for mobile RV business owners, since you don’t even need a cell phone anymore. By forwarding your cell phone number to a Skype account, you’re as connected from the farthest points on the continent as someone trying to run a business from a crowded RV park in Las Vegas.

How mobile satellite Internet systems compare to 4G networks:

mobile satellite Internet for RVs
Rene Agredano

No monthly service contracts. Once you pay for the system, you can buy as much or as little bandwidth as you need. InstaSat service plans allow you to tailor your bandwidth needs to your travels. You can buy a lot when you’re off-grid, then use it up before your re-entry into civilization, where you can tether yourself back to free WiFi at a RV park or cell tower broadband.

Any full-time RVers who prefer to travel far beyond the well beaten path of cellular network should seriously consider the new RVDataSat 840. We bought one and are so glad we did. It’s not the cheapest way to get online but for those of us who run businesses on the road and want reliable Internet access, it’s a no-brainer tax-write off that’s well worth the $5,995 investment.

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