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A Fresh Take on The RV Deck Accessory from Decked Out RV Products

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It isn’t every day you see a totally new take on outdoor living in a RV. The folks from Decked Out RV Products have managed to create a low profile, lightweight, stylish and portable deck surface for RV owners. It can be stowed or deployed in minutes and stores conveniently in a transport case.

Most RV owners will put down a rug. Others may do something more elaborate with outdoor carpet or camping mat. We have seen more elaborate RV decks in the past, but never before have RV owners had the ability to have a custom outdoor wood finished deck for dining, lounging, entertaining and other activities at a reasonable price point. A gentleman by the name of Lyall Wiebe intends to change that.

How Decked Out RV Products Came to Be

decked-out-rv-products-deck-1Lyall and his family spent several years visiting campgrounds and RV parks while  traveling throughout the US and Canada. As we all do, Lyall learned the tricks that make adapting to RV travel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. After struggling with the same wet mats and  unstable carpet that many use, they began to look for what they thought would be readily available. A portable deck or patio surface that was more rugged and functional. After the search turned up no results, the genesis of Decked Out RV Products began. It continues to be a labor of love to this day, with tweaks and improvements being implemented often to create the single most useful outdoor RV living deck surface available.

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The Design


The RV deck is designed and manufactured using marine grade materials including a extruded anodized aluminum base (rugged and light). The RV deck products come in four different sizes and four different finishes (engineered outdoor decking, Sapele, or Teak). Each panel is 0.5”x 24” x 93”. Available models include 8, 10, and 12 Foot models (4, 5, 6 panels respectively). Each panels weighs in around 30lbs which makes it relatively easy to load and unload. Each panel is interlocking for stability and ease of setup. “With these options, there is a style available for every taste and every RV lifestyle,” says the Owner and President of Decked Out RV Products, Lyall Wiebe.


Care and Performance

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Given the wooden finish of the RV deck, it is only fair you consider the performance and the necessary care. The RV deck can be left out in rain and inclement weather. It can even be stored wet without worry of mildew or mold when you next use it. The deck is slip resistant even when wet. The deck can be cleaned right along side your RV using mild soap and water. It is reported that most cleanings only require a rinse. The design and materials traditionally reserved for the marine industry are used to ensure stability, hardiness, and resistance to weather. If you choose any of the non-engineered finishes, Decked Out RV Products recommends that you do annual re-sealings on the RV deck surface.

Decked Out RV Products Ease of Use

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When it comes to RV accessories, we all prefer our gear to be convenient and easy to use. Most mats and carpet are tough to keep clean and difficult to store. The RV deck takes ease of use very seriously. A lot of thought has went into how it is used and stored. Every RV deck comes with a case that mounts within a storage compartment or under your RV chassis (installation instructions). It is specially designed to allow you to remove/add the 30lbs panels with ease. The case is 95” long and 4.5” deep giving it a very slim profile. After all the installations they have seen, they have yet to see a RV where the case wouldn’t install. Perhaps the only downside is that they require the case to be installed by a dealer/service shop only. At this time they do not allow it as a DIY project due to warranty concerns (they offer an extensive 2 year warranty).



The setup time for the Decked Out RV Products RV deck is minutes. According to Lyall, the RV deck is something you would setup if you stopped for a picnic lunch. We aren’t so sure about that, the size and age of your family certainly plays a role!

SPECIAL OFFER:As a special to DoItYourselfRV readers, Decked Out RV Products was generous enough to offer an EXCLUSIVE discount of 10% off your RV Deck as long as you mention when ordering. The only condition is that you order by calling their toll free number: 1-800–962-4921


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The RV deck from Decked Out RV Products (link) is certainly one of the more innovative and interesting developments we have seen in some time. The price point isn’t going to be for everyone. The RV decks start around $2,000 and can go as high as $3,000 depending on the surface and size you choose. The reality is if you add up all the time spent cleaning the RV, cost of destroyed mats, ruined carpet, and lack of convenience, it may just be worth the investment. Is the RV deck from Decked Out RV Products worth considering? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “A Fresh Take on The RV Deck Accessory from Decked Out RV Products”

  1. Well it is now Aug. I have emailed Decked Out Rv Products twice, left a comment through their website and left a voicemail. Still no response from them and still no deck. It seems they are not a very honorable company. My dealer, Bucars RV, has given me a credit for the cost of installing it on my unit. At least they feel some pride.

  2. I won one of these decks at the Calgary RV show in February 2014. I would like to tell you what it is like but I have yet to receive the prize. Been over 5 months now. If i ever get it maybe I can say something about it.

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