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RV Deck Ideas For Stationary Campers

Vintage camper with wooden deck in front decorated with fall themed decorations - RV deck ideas
Make the most of your outdoor space with these RV deck ideas.

RV Deck Ideas To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

One downfall to RVs is the absence of a deck for relaxing and entertaining. Having a small fold-out space is an option on some models, but it is limited and far from inviting.

Relaxing in your backyard, with a deck full of friends under the bistro lights and surrounded by flower boxes and patio umbrellas, is tough to beat. The continual moving of RVs means the sacrifice of a nice deck is part of the game.

For those who are stationary, a deck is a reality and can double your living space. You can get as creative as you like and are really only limited to your space and budget.

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The “less is more” approach

An RV deck doesn’t have to be multi-level with pergolas and a hot tub. Simply having a flat, level space to set up patio furniture and a BBQ will elevate RV living.

Constructing a basic square or rectangular deck and replacing your steel RV stairs with some nice wooden ones is an easy solution. This will quickly change the feel of your RV to a more residential vibe.

A small, ground-level deck requires minimal work for the base as well. A level, compact area with small concrete patio stones for support will keep everything solid. Being in direct contact with the ground eliminates the need for structural bracing and opens up the possibility of pallet construction.

Get things off the ground

The previous RV deck idea can be modified to raise the platform to floor level with your RV. In this scenario, you can have the outdoor space flush when you walk out the door and add stairs to the ground.

Having your RV deck elevated a couple of feet will require the addition of posts for support. These posts can be supported with concrete deck post blocks, instead of digging and pouring concrete, as often seen with larger residential decks.

Local building codes will determine how high a deck can be without railings. In most cases, RV decks will be low enough to be safely constructed without. If you have children, you may want to consider a railing of some type.

Set in stone

Using stone to construct your RV deck, or even a section of it, is a great look. Stonework can be time-consuming, but there are so many cool things you can do with it!

The ground preparation will have to be done correctly and is going to be time-consuming. There are many shapes, sizes, and colors of stone to personalize your space.

Stone is a commitment due to the work required and the fact that it is not easily moved. Some smaller decks can be moved pretty easily. Removing each stone, transporting all the weight, and reconstructing is not something you want to be doing often.

Escape the bugs

Summer with all of its glory does unfortunately often bring bugs. Regardless of the RV deck ideas you choose, planning to have a screened-in area is something to consider.

Outdoor time can be quickly interrupted by bugs. It starts with a mosquito in your wine glass, then you’re itching and scratching your way through the rest of the night.

This screen material is pretty cheap, and kits are available for use with existing awnings. Even if you have a portion of your deck screened in, it can make your outdoor time much more enjoyable.

Screened in porch with furniture surrounded by trees - RV deck ideas

Everyone needs their privacy

Not everything is community business; sometimes a little privacy is needed. Having an open, bright space with some privacy is a nice mix.

Not only for privacy but shade as well, a wall of some sort on just one side of your deck is money well spent. Any of these RV deck ideas can benefit from a privacy or sun shade screen.

There are endless ideas for walls including, lattice, sunshade material, vines, and solid panels. The wind is a major consideration here, as having a single wall can be tough to secure. Proper planning and construction are a must.

Having something that isn’t solid will help greatly with this and give you the opportunity to use some unique patterns or various materials.

Finishing touches on RV deck ideas

There are lots of RV deck ideas to choose from. Whichever you choose, the best part for many people is the accessories. This is where you can personalize your RV deck and make the space yours.

A deck alone is simply building supplies constructed to a planned design. How you decide to decorate can change the whole feel of the deck.

Rugs are a popular way to add color and comfort to a deck. Having a colorful area rug underfoot is comforting and breaks up the wooden construction.

Having drinks under a set of bistro lights screams summer! Whether it’s bistro lights or tiki lights, having lighting for nights sets a whole new vibe. Solar lighting options are becoming available in more styles and are a perfect fit for RV life.

A proper outdoor space should always include some greenery; after all, RV living is all about appreciating nature. Built-in flower beds and pots for plants can instantly make any space more calming.

Having a stationary RV can be a great weekend getaway or permanent residence. Extending your living space and having a welcoming outdoor area will add to the experience. There are so many RV deck ideas to help you make a decision. Whatever you choose, make it your own and make time to relax and enjoy it.

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