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Make Your RV Feel Like Home (for the Holidays, and Beyond)

RVs look the same when they roll out of the factory. But there are so many ways to make your RV feel like home, especially during the holidays. When you have time, don’t be afraid of exploring renovations like painting a wall, adding wallpaper, curtains, or even gutting the dinette for something more comfortable. But right now, take advantage of all the easy, ways we can put a personal touch on our RV decor. From festive wall art, to string lights, and tiny trees, these fun holiday (and everyday) decorating ideas can brighten your home on wheels.

The Holidays are a Great Time to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

The season is here, and there’s no better time to decorate your RV. Whether you’re taking a maiden voyage, or you’ve been full-time RVing for a while, take some time to look at that blank canvas. Seasonal holidays offer so many ways to transform RV spaces. These inexpensive, fun touches are one of the fastest and more affordable ways to put your personal touch inside your camper.

First, find your decorating Flare

Redecorating projects like ripping out and replacing RV flooring, or repainting cabinets, can transform your space quickly. But if you’re new to RV renovations and not quite up to the challenge, start with baby steps.

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Start your RV decorating off on the right foot. Go through everything inside things to purge items you don’t use. Then do an RV spring cleaning (even if it’s fall!). Your goal is to create a home on wheels that’s organized and clutter-free.

Then choose a design theme for your camper. Visualize an interior vibe like a beach theme, rustic cabin, or shabby chic with a farmhouse flair. Can’t think of an RV decor theme you want to commit to? Try thinking back to your favorite destinations. Why did you want to go there in the first place? Was it the beach? The mountains? A quiet lakeside retreat? What sensory experiences do you remember the most?

RV interior theme for the holidays with miniature motorhome and travel trailer (Image: Social Knowledge)
Decide on an overall RV decorating theme for holidays and every day. (Image: Social Knowledge)

What’s Your RV decorating Theme?

Now for the fun part. Start shopping for appropriate decorations. Buy them new or raid a flea market. Your goal is to express your favorite experiences and dreams on your walls and furniture.

Don’t forget to include some expressive wall art, too. You can use family photos or make your own artistic creations. Keep them fairly light and hang them with adhesive hangers, like Command hooks, a wall hanging hook that many RVers swear by.

Grab a few rv holiday decorations, too.

Decorating your RV for Christmas can go a long way toward making your camper feel cozy. After the holidays you can store these holiday RV decorations in your fifth wheel or motorhome basement. If you have a small travel trailer, you can donate them to a thrift store if you don’t have good RV storage space.

Start with easy ideas such as putting Christmas napkins in your napkin holder. Or get some pretty kitchen towels to hang on the stove. Holiday-inspired artwork, pillows or bedding are always fun and festive.

Hang stockings over your electric fireplace and get a small, tabletop tree. Both can be easily moved when you need space at the table. Got a small table, or no counter space? Create a two-dimensional wall tree with sticks and ornaments.

Create a curtain of ornaments around your windows or create paper snowflakes. Buy some of those peel-and-stick RV holiday decals. Trim your windows with garland, string lights and ornaments, or a handmade wreath.

Don’t forget outside. You can decorate your awning with lights. Put up an outdoor Christmas tree or set up luminaries with battery-operated candles. These are simple to make and a great craft for kids.

RV holiday lights outside RV (Image: Social Knowledge)
RV holiday lights add a cozy touch too. (Image: Social Knowledge)

add some creature comforts to every space

Think about how you can spruce up each space in the RV. Changes in the bedroom can be as simple getting rid of the ugly factory bedspread. Replace it with a homey quilt, a few throw pillows, and throw blanket to ditch the “manufactured” RV decor look.

Out in the living room, add a few throw pillows and a small blanket on the couch. Don’t forget tchotchkes too! I took a few pieces from my angel collection that adorn a few cabinets and are easily stored when traveling.

Certainly, a brightly colored throw rug or ottoman can provide a “pop” in an otherwise brown or tan landscape. Even a Kleenex box cover, or a knitted Afghan can make your RV feel like home.

brightly color quilt with blue and pink pillow (Image: T. Nighswonger)
Photo via author.

Put up some rv Curtains

Raise your hand if you would like to get rid of those ugly RV blinds and valances that are a staple in RV design! The simple addition of a curtain for your window treatments can pretty up that area with just a little time, money, and effort. A curtain rod can easily be made out of dowels, stained, and installed in a short time.

got RVIng kids? Let them Decorate their own Space

If you have RVing kids, you can allow them to decorate their own space to make the RV feel like home. Small shelves, bins, or baskets in primary colors for personal items and toys are a great addition. A kid-friendly character quilt, throw pillows, and a few of their own wall decorations also go a long way to help kids enjoy RV camping.

Decorate with Plants

Decorating with plants is a great way to make your RV feel more like home. Plants enrich our spaces and bring a little of the great outdoors inside.  Make sure your check on plants that could be toxic to pets.

don’t forget to Make your rv Smell Nice

They say a single whiff of a specific scent will take you back to another place and time. I can vouch for that.

These days you can find the scent of just about anything in scented products. These can sit on the counter or plug into a socket with wax that melts and gives off scents.

If you have the space, cut flowers are nice and provide a nice smell as well as the beauty of the bloom.

Essential oil diffusers are popular because of their pleasing scents like lavender. But if you have a dog, cat, bird, or other animal, watch out for certain essential oils that are toxic to pets. Try to stay away from tea tree oil, cinnamon, eucalyptus, pine oil, ylang ylang, and other toxic scent oils.

Decorating your RV to feel like home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Getting rid of that factory look in your living space is just a matter of expressing yourself and finding items that fit your taste.

In my opinion, I think many RVers find it difficult to invite others inside because living in a small space feels cluttered. If you add a few pretty items and remember to put something away when you are done with it, your RV will always feel more like home, and holiday entertaining in your RV (or any time of year) will be more fun.

Redecorating is not only for experts. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make an RV feel like home, just your creative energy and enthusiasm.

Have you redecorated your camper? What kind of projects made a difference? Comment below, we would love learn your RV redecorating tips.

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