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RV Fresh Water Hacks: 5 Tricks For Off-Grid Camping

RV Fresh Water Hacks: 5 Tricks For Off-Grid Camping

Off-grid camping, dry camping, boondocking, etc, whatever you want to call it requires you to be extra mindful of your fresh water consumption as you won’t have an endless supply like you would in a campground or RV park with a city water connection.

Not only will you have a limited supply of RV fresh water in your potable fresh water tank, but you also will have a limited space to capture it once you have used it via your grey and black holding tanks. When it comes to dry camping, conservation is the name of the game. 

Here are 5 RV fresh water tricks for off grid camping:

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1. Use less RV fresh water in the kitchen

  • Cook meals ahead of time and freeze them before heading off-the-grid. This saves the RV fresh water that you would normally use to clean the pots and pans.
  • Use paper plates, plastic bowls, and plastic silverware in place of your regular tableware that consume RV fresh water to wash.
  • Bring along bottled water instead of drinking fresh water from the kitchen sink.
  • Wipe dishes free of food particles and grease using a paper towel and a little dish soap before washing.

2. Use less fresh water showering

  • Many RVers who dry camp for an extended period utilize body wipes and waterless shampoo to conserve RV fresh water that would otherwise be consumed by a daily shower.  
  • Become proficient at taking a Navy shower to save RV fresh water
  • Change out the stock showerhead in your RV with an aerated showerhead that uses less water.     

 3. Use less water washing hands  

  • Use hand sanitizer in place of soap and water from your RV faucets.
  • Keep a 5-gallon water jug with a spigot on the picnic table or other elevated surface and utilize it as an outdoor handwashing station.
Great for carrying extra fresh water and/or creating a handwashing station

4. Use less RV fresh water flushing the toilet

  • Capture used dishwater in a dishpan when doing the dishes, store it in a one-gallon milk jug or other sealable container and use it to flush the toilet instead of using RV fresh water from your tank.
  • Those that are serious about off-grid camping and conserving water might consider installing a grey water recycling system which will eliminate the need for using RV fresh water when flushing their toilet.

5. Have options for resupplying your RV fresh water when you run out

  • Check out our previous article on RV LIFE on 8 Likely Places To Find Fresh Water.
  • Carry an auxiliary fresh water tank in your tow vehicle, dinghy or storage compartment. Parking your tow vehicle or dinghy higher than your RV will allow you to transfer the water via gravity or consider buying a drill pump to transfer between tanks.    
  • There are various ways to filter/purify/pump water from streams or other sources to replenish your RV fresh water tank. Here is one interesting method:

By employing the above tricks, you will become a more proficient dry camper allowing you to extend your stay in the boondocks or wherever you find yourself camping without hookups. Share your fresh water hacks with us in the comments below and with the community on iRV2 Forums.