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15 RV Makeover Ideas That Are Cheap & Easy

15 RV Makeover Ideas That Are Cheap & Easy

Despite what you might think, your RV makeover does not have to be a complete overhaul. You don’t even have to paint the entire interior white (guilty)! Here are 15 cheap and easy ways to update and give your RV a fresh new look for the new year.

1. Peel & stick tile

Don’t be intimidated by peel and stick tiles. This is an affordable way to upgrade and elevate your RV kitchen and bathroom. A classic look is white subway tile which is very versatile. But don’t feel like you can’t branch out find a tile that meets your unique style.

2. Cabinet hardware

An easy way to makeover your RV is by upgrading your cabinet hardware. This doesn’t mean you have to buy all new (but you certainly can).

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Update your existing hardware by painting them! Use a product that is made for metal such as Rust-Oleum spray paint.

3. Faucets

Just like your cabinet hardware, you can paint your kitchen and bathroom faucets. Alternatively, if your RV makeover budget allows, replace your faucets. Check out your local buy and sell groups! There are usually new or like-new faucets being sold.

Check out this faucet upgrade by @untamed_rv:

4. Panel inserts

This RV makeover is only limited by your creativity! My husband came up with this creative way to elevate our kitchen and panels in the over-the-couch storage. We found cheap bamboo placemats (from the dollar store), cut them, and installed them to create a super cute look. You can read the full tutorial on our blog.

RV makeover - panel insert upgrade
RV Makeover idea: upgrade the boring panels in your kitchen. Photo by DashboardDrifters

5. Peel & stick wallpaper

A great alternative to paint, and one that allows you to change your mind, is peel and stick wallpaper. This stuff is all the rage on Instagram and for good reason. It is user-friendly, requires only basic tools, can be removed easily, and looks amazing.

There is a peel and stick wallpaper out there for you. Stand by while I go install this amazing gold paper.

6. Throw pillows

Throw pillows are a perfect and easy way to constantly change your RV look. Swap out your pillow covers with the seasons (or your mood). I recommend investing in good pillow inserts and then replacing the covers. For a perfect tufted look, use a pillow that is 1-2 inches bigger than the cover.

RV makeover - throw pillows
RV Makeover idea: use throw pillows to decorate for the seasons. Photo by DashboardDrifters

7. Area rugs

Throwing down an area rug is a great way to pull your RV decor together or to completely change the feel of the space. There are endless options available.

If you go with a runner or smaller area rugs, you can swap the rugs to different areas of your RV to change the space when it needs a refresh.

8. Baskets

Baskets are a great way to give your RV a makeover. They also keep you organized. Instead of buying expensive new baskets, create your own by painting cardboard boxes or wrapping them in twine.

Check out 7 Secrets To Better RV Organization for a great DIY basket tutorial.

9. Window valances

I don’t know about you, but ripping down the window valances was one of the first things we did when we started renovating. We created a super easy valance to replace the fabric factory ones.

This valance is made from a couple lengths of wood and stained to a complimentary finish. For this reno, I used Minwax wood stain in Espresso.

10. Window treatments

Your factory-installed curtains or blinds might cry out to be removed and upgraded. Here are two great, easy options for an RV makeover for your window treatments.

The first is a no-sew option by @honeythecamper. This first option creates a beautiful filtered light effect.

The second treatment is from @mountainmodernlife. These upgraded roller shades are beautiful and create more privacy.

11. Counters

Update your RV by upgrading your kitchen and bathroom counters. There are so many different options and creative ways to do this.

My husband and I created custom-sized counters and installed laminate. Lee and Candace from @renovatingrutters used a Giani countertop paint. You could also use butcher block, contact paper, spray paint, faux concrete… the options are endless.

12. Slip covers

Sometimes replacing the sofa or dinette is not an option. Let’s be real, replacing RV furniture is not super cheap. Fret not! There is a great alternative and easy way to makeover your RV. Slip covers!

There are some really stylish slip covers for your RV couch. Get creative and mix throw pillows and blankets to create your own style.

And for your dinette cushions, instead of making your own or paying for custom upholstery, use baby crib sheets! How great would these look in a boho RV?!

RV makeover - slip cover ideas
RV Makeover idea: Use baby crib sheets to cover your dinette cushions.

13. Gallery wall

A gallery wall is definitely dependent on your space restrictions. However, I wanted to include it on this list – probably because I wish I could have one!

Libby from @behrnecessitiesrv has a great gallery wall that she changes out regularly. She even has a story highlight for it!

Regardless of space, feel free to change out your wall décor with the seasons and as your style changes. Cheap printables are available on Etsy to make your style transitions inspired and easy.

14. Light fixtures

You do not have to put up with boring light fixtures! Depending on your existing lighting and budget, you can do so many things to makeover your RV lights.

In my rig, my husband and I painted the ceiling lights gold! This was a super easy (and cheap) option that provided a much needed upgrade.

If you have a pendant-style light, you have a lot of options to get creative and I am jealous. The Tilby Family over at @theflippintilbys used a straw basket to makeover their dining room light!

Remember with RV lighting, you do not need special wiring. You can use any light fixture as long as your use 12V light bulbs! An E26 base is your regular lightbulb size – check out these 12V bulb options that would fit a normal light fixture.

15. House plants

Last but not least, another easy RV makeover tip is to add house plants. I am certainly a huge fan of house plants and so are a lot of other RVers!

Philip and Megan from @outdoorishrv have included greenery in their RV decor.

Curious about what plants do well in the RV life? Check out this post from RV LIFE for more ideas.

What is your favorite RV makeover idea? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or share them with the RV community on iRV2 Forums.