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RV Oxidation: Poli Glow Brings Back The Shine

This post was updated on March 27th, 2024

Before and after pictures of an RV 5th wheel with RV oxidation removed.

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Dull And Faded Gelcoat Result Of RV Oxidation

The fiberglass on your RV has a gelcoat finish which shines when it is brand new. But the elements, including the hot sun, break down the gelcoat, and it becomes dull and loses its shine over time. You may even notice an ashy white layer that comes off on your fingers when you touch the surface.

This is called RV oxidation. As fiberglass ages, it also becomes more porous, and those pores can fill in with dirt and grime, creating more of an older appearance. The stickers may also crack when the gelcoat is no longer protecting the surface. Darker colored fiberglass tends to oxidize more quickly than a lighter colored coach.

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Getting rid of RV oxidation

How do you get rid of RV oxidation and bring back the shine on your motorhome? There are several options that vary in cost and durability. The most expensive option is to have your motorhome painted. This is a permanent solution but costs many thousands of dollars.

Gelcoats were initially developed to bring down the cost of the RV to make them more affordable. Another option is to use wax or a ceramic-type product on your rig. While this is an inexpensive way to put a quick shine on, wax sits on the surface of the fiberglass and typically lasts 2-3 months at best.

The wax will wash off and break down with soap and water, diminishing the shine with each cleaning. Poli Glow is a new concept in RV maintenance that is inexpensive, has durability, and brings back that brand new shine.

stock photo of Poli Glow product lineup.

What Is Poli Glow, And Why Use It?

Poli Glow is the solution to all these problems. It was designed and built to protect, shine, and bring back that feeling when you first drove off the lot with your brand-new motorhome.

Poli Glow is a unique formula that has water-based polymers and UV inhibitors that rejuvenates old fiberglass. It is a gelcoat restoration product that seals, protects, and restores the original shine. Poli Glow lasts up to 12 months and doesn’t require repeat applications throughout the year.

A once-a-year maintenance coat should be applied to keep the unit looking beautiful. Another added benefit is that the value of your motorhome will increase, for those of you thinking of trading it in or selling it.

How is Poli Glow applied?

As with any product used on a surface, the surface must be cleaned and the layer of RV oxidation removed before applying Poli Glow. Poli Glow is sold in kits that contain the products necessary to clean and prepare the surface.

Poli Prep, sold with our Poli Glow kit and Deluxe kit, removes dirt, grime, and mild to moderate oxidation. Poli Ox, along with an ultra-fine sanding pad, sold with our Deluxe kit, removes more severe oxidation typically found on darker colored fiberglass. The fiberglass surface should look uniform and dull when properly prepared, and the white ashy layer should be removed.

Poli Glow is simply wiped on with the microfiber mitt applicator. Apply it similar to a varnish, working in four-to-six-foot sections using horizontal or vertical strokes. The first two to three coats should penetrate the fiberglass. With each subsequent coat, the shine starts to appear.

A minimum of six coats must be applied. Poli Glow not only seals the fiberglass, making cleaning and washing down your motorhome easier, but it also protects it from sun damage

Now sit back & enjoy

Poli Glow will not wash off with soap and water and lasts up to a year. To keep that beautiful shine, apply an annual maintenance coat, and this will prevent your rig from oxidizing. Poli Glow will provide unparalleled fiberglass, restoration, and shine. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information on making your old motorhome shine like new, contact them at Follow them on Instagram & Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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