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RV Renovation On A Budget: Must-Have Supplies For Under $100

Essential RV Remodel Supplies Under $100

Is there an RV remodel in your future? Remodels can present a host of challenges that you need to be ready for. Here are some RV remodel supplies that you’ll want to have on hand to tackle any job.

What supplies do you need for an RV remodel?

The trend of remodeling RVs has been popular for a while now and shows no signs of slowing. Giving your old RV a new life by modernizing the interior can save you the high cost of buying a new RV.

RV remodels can be as simple as some fresh paint or as involved as changing floor plans or adding windows. The complexity of your remodel will determine the supplies you will need to complete each project. Remodels can often start off as a simple job and turn into a much larger project due to unforeseen circumstances.

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Having all the tools and supplies you could possibly need is unlikely. However, there are some essential RV remodel supplies that you will need to get you through any remodel.

Painting supplies

Almost all remodels are going to involve getting rid of the dark, outdated colors used in RVs up until the last few years. Everything from the wall paneling to the wooden trim is dark and makes RVs feel small and dated.

A color change in an RV can completely change the feel, making it more welcoming and warm. Your paint will have to wait until you’ve chosen your colors; however, the paint supplies can be on hand as you will use them for sure.

RV remodel supplies, when it comes to painting, will include the following:

Paintin supplies on a wooden floor - RV remodel supplies

Fasteners of all sorts

Once you begin removing things, adding things, and upgrading things, you will quickly notice the wide range of different ways things are attached in RVs. Screw lengths vary from one thing to the next; some things use a nut and bolt, while others have threaded sleeves, so there is nothing consistent.

Having a collection of screws, nuts, and bolts, hooks, and washers can save you trips to the hardware store. Stalling a project for a missing or damaged fastener is frustrating and will happen if you aren’t prepared.

Included in your collection of fasteners should also be some non-traditional types of fasteners as well. Strong two-sided adhesive, some super glue, and Liquid Nails products will ensure you’ve got a way to put everything together.

RV sealants

Any remodel should also include ensuring that all your hard work inside won’t end up with water stains or mold. The kitchen and bathroom areas require sealants on counters, sinks, and showers.

These sealants often become filled with grime and discoloration and start to peel as they age. Removing this old sealant and applying fresh stuff will complete your remodel and protect it. Having some clear and white caulking, along with a caulking gun, is a must.

Safety supplies

Safety is essential for any renovation project, no matter how small. Always use proper safety equipment.

Any RV remodel will include working with your hands, using potentially harmful products, and encountering unforeseen situations. Taking caution to ensure that your eyes, ears, hands, and the rest of your body are safe is important.

Having access to any safety gear you may need will allow you to perform whatever task you need to without worrying about personal injury. Anyone starting a project should have the following safety items on hand:

  • Safety glasses
  • Ear protection
  • Gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Dust masks

Plan your RV remodel

Before you begin an RV remodel, it’s important to have a plan as to what you are going to do and how you plan on doing it.

When it comes to the RV remodel supplies you will use, you should also plan accordingly. The items listed above are all general items that will be used in any remodel and should be on hand. There are other RV remodel supplies that will be specific to certain tasks and should be part of your planning.

Having all the necessary supplies ready to go will keep your remodel moving along and be less stressful. The small cost of having these useful supplies is a fraction of what your remodel will cost, and you will have a safer, higher-quality finished remodel.

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