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RV Repair Club: Instructional RV Videos Without The Hype

Technician views RV water heater from the outside access panel.

Sponsored by RV Repair Club

RV Repair Club Brings Order To RV Video Chaos

Video has permeated every aspect of our culture. Even the digital menu from your favorite restaurant takes advantage of video to sell its best dish. YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and others all rely on an insatiable appetite for video as a revenue stream. Because it is a revenue stream, that means you’re going to see ads…potentially a lot of them.

As RVers, we tend to watch a lot of RV videos. There are so many systems on an RV and so much data to comprehend and learn. RV videos are a great way to digest that, particularly with instructional videos. The problem for RVers becomes telling which videos are correct and trustworthy. Which RV videos get to the point quickly? Am I willing to trust my RV to what I learn in those videos?

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RV Repair Club to the rescue

There is a better option for finding the RV videos you need: RV Repair Club. For just $3 for your first year (that’s over 95% off regular price!), you can enjoy succinct, hype-free instructional videos by one of the industry’s leading experts.

Managing Editor David Solberg and his team have created over 450 videos addressing every conceivable topic an RVer is likely to run across during their RVing experience. Dave’s calm, frenzy-free delivery doesn’t drag topics on just to keep you viewing longer, and it doesn’t tease you with a pay-off that’s 30 minutes away. Most videos are direct and to the point regarding the topic on hand and average about 6 minutes.

In addition to Dave, you’ll find other presenters offering varying length videos on a wide variety of topics. As needed, RV Repair Club will bring in on-camera guests such as RVIA Master Technicians and other experts. 

For just $3 for your first year (that’s over 95% off regular price!), you can enjoy succinct, hype-free instructional videos by one of the industry’s leading experts.

RV Repair Club

Professional RV videos without the hype

Because you pay for an annual subscription, you won’t find ads in the Premium content. It’s also a more efficient way of finding the RV videos that are relevant to you, rather than leaving it to chance and your searching skills.

The videos created by RV Repair Club are high quality videos that are professionally shot and produced and cover popular RVing topics such as:

  • Vehicle & chassis
  • Plumbing & water systems
  • Heating & cooling
  • Electrical
  • Windows & doors
  • RV appliances and LP systems
  • And more…

Interactive streaming events

RV Repair Club also has RVRC LIVE, which are streaming events where Dave will cover topics and answer your questions live on YouTube. These fun, interactive events are a great way to learn new information and get your questions answered!

rv videos of a propane tank with a check valve and gauge


Whether you are an RV newbie, a Do-It-Yourself-RVer, or simply serious about growing your RV knowledge, RV Repair Club is an excellent place to start. Become an RVRC Premium Member for just $3 (over 95% off) and start learning today.