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RV Roof Repair 101 “How to” Fix a Leak

Just like death and taxes, it’s a fact of life that RV’s don’t last forever. More specifically, the integrity of an RV’s roof doesn’t last forever. Over time, the rubber roof coating that’s on many RV’s will deteriorate, often resulting in unwanted water intrusion into your RV’s living quarters.

If you don’t fix these small leaks soon, the water will migrate to the low point in your RV – your wooden subfloor. A rotted wooden subfloor will cost you thousands of dollars to replace, if it doesn’t result in the total destruction of your rig.

How to Fix a Small Leak In Your RV’s Roof

YouTube user mrbigtex wanted to patch some leaks on an old vintage trailer that’s used only at a deer camping site. He used some thin-gauge aluminum and elastic roof patching goop to fix the trouble spots.

While you might not want to use the same materials and techniques on a six-figure motorhome or aluminum-paneled Airstream, this cheap fix works great for older RV’s in so-so condition.

You can pick up some of the Roof Patch product and metal flashing at the links below.



Fixing a leaky travel trailer roof the cheap and easy way.

Original video by mrbigtex

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