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The Best RV Step Lights Under $200

RV step lights at night
MORryde – STP54-032 – Motion Activated Step Light (2 Pack) – via Amazon

RV Step Lights: The Best Features And Kits Under $200

There are not a lot of moving parts to RV step lights. You can opt to do it yourself, look for kits, or purchase the complete stairs with the lighting already attached. 

The current kits are very affordable and make your rig much safer. Here are the things you need to be aware of before selecting the best RV step lights.

Under the steps

If you are doing your own installation, do not use lighting on top of your steps or directed at your steps. This can cause glare in your eyes or shadows at your feet. This can be just as dangerous as not having any lighting at all. If you are purchasing an installation kit, they will already be created to work only with under the steps installation.

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Are you using them inside your rig or on your outside steps? The main difference in your selection here is you will need a motion detector on the inside and outside. But for the outdoor sensor, you will want a daylight sensor too, so it doesn’t activate when you walk outside. 

You may want this feature indoors if you have a lot of light around your steps and don’t want the step lights turning on and off during the day. You can purchase ones with three mode settings: Auto, On, and Off. This way they will work the way you want no matter if it is day or night, inside or outside.

Motion sensor

Most sensors will turn on the lights for about 20 seconds after motion is detected. If you want to compare apples to apples, you should see how long they will operate and if you can control the sensitivity. 

These options not only make using the stairs safer for you but also help control the life of the step lights.

LED step lights

LED lights are the best option because they draw little power from your RV. Most RV step lights are LED now, but be sure to double-check when you are selecting your steps. If the lights start dimming, that is a notification you need to replace them.

Easy installation

Anything easy to install is always better, right? One thing you can do is download a video on how to install them. 

For example, MoRryde has a video that makes the installation an easy step-by-step visual process. Don’t forget to gather the necessary tools you will need on hand to install your lights. Usually, it will just be a screwdriver, so you don’t need to purchase large tools with no place to store them. Most of the lights have self-adhesive, so you don’t even need special tools.

Before installing RV step lights

  1. Make sure you have checked all the features above and purchase the correct one for your needs.
  2. Make sure you have the tools, if any, ready to go.
  3. If you need to set sensors, make sure you set them prior to adding them to the steps.

The best RV step lights under $200

  • Very basic do-it-yourself option – PARTSam, $13.99 on Amazon
  • Installation kit that has all the components for securing lights to existing steps – MoRryde, $40.88 on Amazon
  • Install a step with lighting at the same time – Hike Crew, $179.99 on Amazon
  • Over $200: Moveable steps and handrail with lighting – Stromberg Carlson, $326.22 on Amazon

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