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RV Wall Fasteners Guide: The Best Options for RV Applications

RV-Wall-Fasteners Inevitably as more and more items find their way into my RV I am looking for more and more ways to keep all of my “stuff” organized. I have always wanted to use the wall space in my RV to hang items but ended up either changing my mind or using adhesives and Velcro. So when I set out to hang a catch all cubby on my RV wall I thought I would show you the options for fastening things to your RV wall. There are really three different types that are generally used though there are additional options. So when it is time for the next item to go up on your wall in your RV you have this list of guides for choosing which is the best fit for you given the space you have to work with, the weight rating of the RV wall fastener, and the overall wear and tear of the area your fastening in.


RV Wall Fasteners Installation Videos

There are many walls to anchor items to the wall of a RV. The three options below are the most common and endorsed by RV professionals.

1. Hollow Wall Anchors


2. Pop Rivets


If you don’t own a Pop Rivet gun they are inexpensive at around $20. The model below is one the highest rated models and you will also need the actual rivets which you can pick up a kit for about $12 below.



3. Molly Bolts

Link to Video: How to Install Molly and Toggle Bolts

More RV Wall Fastener Information

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