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How To Switch Your RV Water Heater From Propane To Electric

RV faucet connected to RV water heater

5 Steps To Switch Your RV Water Heater From Propane To Electric

The instant availability of hot water in an RV is an essential comfort of home that helps take RV living out of the realm of really roughing it.

RV water heaters are made to heat water via propane or electricity or even both at once. That way, even if you are dry camping, you’ll still be able to wash dishes or take a quick shower with water heated by propane. But if you are hooked up to electricity, you can save your propane and run the water heater on electricity.

RV water heaters are designed for versatility to help make life better in the RV. But what happens if your RV water heater is working on propane and you want it to operate from electric power? How do you switch it from propane to electricity?

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How to switch your RV water heater from propane to electric

It’s really simple to switch your RV water heater from propane to electric power. We’ve boiled it down to 5 steps.

  1. Flip the water heater switch inside the RV to “OFF”. This switch turns the propane water heater off or on.
  2. Go outside the RV and look for a panel (usually on the driver’s side).
  3. Open the panel.
  4. In the bottom left-hand corner, find the small switch that turns the electric power to your water heater on.
  5. Flip this switch to “ON”.

Your water heater will now be running on electric power. If you want to run the water heater on propane, simply flip the outside switch to “OFF” and the indoor water heater switch to “ON”. You can also run both at once for faster water heating.

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