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15 Shoe Storage Solutions For Small RVs

shoe storage in RV

15 Ways To Store Shoes In A Small RV

Traveling in an RV often means getting close to nature, and that can translate to muddy hiking boots, sandy flip-flops, and a range of other footwear depending on your adventures. But in the limited confines of an RV, especially a smaller one, storing these shoes can become a challenge. After all, you don’t want to be tripping over footwear at every turn. Let’s explore 15 practical shoe storage solutions that can be implemented in a small RV, ensuring you make the most of every square inch.

1. Under-the-bed storage bins

Many RVs have a space under the bed. Using shallow storage bins can turn this dead space into a haven for shoes. Roll-out bins can provide easy access, and adding compartments can help in organizing different types of footwear.

2. Over-the-door organizers

These aren’t just for shoes, but they’re perfect for the task. Hang one on the inside of your RV’s entrance or on the bathroom door. They have clear pockets, making it simple to locate the pair you’re after.

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3. Magnetic wall strips

This solution is more for lighter shoes like flip-flops. Attach a magnetic strip to the wall, and add a small metal plate or metallic clip to your footwear. It’s an innovative way to keep shoes off the floor and add a fun display to your RV.

4. PVC pipe cubbies

Cut PVC pipes into segments and stack them in a corner or closet. These segments create perfect slots for storing shoes, especially taller ones like boots. Secure them together with strong adhesive for stability.

5. Tension rods in closets

Fix tension rods at a height in your RV closets, and you can hang shoes by their heels. It’s a neat trick especially for sturdier footwear and helps utilize vertical space.

6. Collapsible hanging shelves

These soft, foldable shelves can be hung in closets or from hooks. With multiple compartments, they’re not just for shoes, but can be an efficient way to store them, especially sneakers and flats.

7. Toe kick drawers

The small space at the bottom of cabinets, often covered with a decorative panel, can be converted into a shallow drawer. It’s a discreet storage spot, perfect for flat sandals or slippers.

8. Cabinet door pouches

Install fabric pouches on the inside of your cabinet doors. It’s a space often overlooked, but can be an excellent spot for footwear that doesn’t consume much volume.

9. Under-couch rolling bins

If your RV couch has space underneath, consider a customized rolling bin. This way, your collection remains out of sight, but is easily accessible.

10. Fold-down wall racks

Install fold-down racks on any free wall space. When you need to store shoes, just lower the rack, and when it’s free, it stays parallel to the wall, preserving space.

11. Bench storage

Transform your seating area! A bench with a hinged top can be a dual-purpose solution, acting as both a seating spot and a storage compartment for shoes underneath.

12. Ceiling net

Fix a stretchy storage net to your RV’s ceiling. It’s an unconventional spot, but it can hold lightweight shoes and sandals, freeing up more vital floor and closet space.

13. Recessed wall nooks

If your RV’s wall has any recessed areas, use these as built-in shoe shelves. It might need some customization, but it’s a stylish and space-efficient solution.

14. Stair storage

Some RVs have a couple of steps leading to the bedroom or bathroom. These steps can be hollowed out to create mini storage compartments—a great spot for nightly slippers or frequently used shoes.

15. Customized Boot Clips

For those who love their boots, customized clips can be attached to the wall, allowing boots to hang vertically. This not only maintains the shape of the boots but also keeps them organized.


Traveling in a small RV doesn’t mean sacrificing accessibility or living amidst clutter. With these 15 shoe storage solutions, every pair of footwear can have its own organized spot. It’s all about maximizing space, repurposing areas, and thinking vertically. By implementing a combination of these ideas, even the tiniest RV can offer a tidy and efficient space for all your shoe storage needs. Happy travels and happy organizing!

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