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Revamp Your RV: 10 Organizational Hacks Using Tension Rods

This post was updated on March 15th, 2024

stock photo of tension rods

10 Ways To Use Tension Rods In Your RV

Tension rods, often used for curtains in traditional homes, have become an RV owner’s secret weapon. These adjustable, non-permanent rods are versatile and can be implemented in various creative ways to maximize space and organization in your RV. Dive into these ingenious uses for tension rods and discover how they can enhance your RV living experience.

1. Secure cabinet contents

Tension rods can be placed vertically or horizontally inside cabinets to keep items from shifting during travel. This is particularly helpful for plates, cutting boards, and trays. A rod ensures that your kitchenware stays in place, preventing accidental breakage and messes.

2. Create dividers in closets

RV closets can become chaotic without proper organization. By using tension rods as dividers, you can separate different types of clothing or create dedicated sections for each family member. This not only makes accessing your clothes easier but also maximizes closet space.

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3. Shoe storage

Install rods near the RV entrance or in closets at varying heights, allowing shoes to be slipped between the rods. This keeps your footwear organized, off the floor, and easily accessible.

4. Hanging storage baskets

By attaching hooks to lightweight baskets, you can hang them from tension rods. This is great for fruits, veggies, or even shower items, keeping them off countertops and ensuring proper airflow around produce.

5. Vertical pan storage

Save space by storing frying pans and pot lids vertically. Insert rods near the back of a cabinet, and slide pans or lids between the cabinet wall and the rod. This minimizes clutter and makes accessing them a breeze.

6. Bathroom organization

Use tension rods under bathroom sinks or in medicine cabinets to hang spray bottles or other toiletries. This clears up valuable space below and keeps essential items within easy reach.

7. Secure trash bags

A tension rod can be placed under the sink or in a dedicated trash space. Hang a trash bag over the rod for a makeshift bin, ensuring the bag doesn’t tip over or get in the way.

8. Bathroom towel racks

In an RV, having a place to dry towels can be a challenge. Install tension rods vertically or horizontally in the shower or bathroom area. They can be used as additional towel racks, ensuring your towels dry quickly and don’t end up with that dreaded musty smell.

9. Instant paper towel holder

Place a rod under kitchen cabinets and slide a roll of paper towels onto it. It’s an easy way to have paper towels at the ready without drilling holes or taking up counter space.

10. Hanging laundry drying rack

Laundry is a continuous chore, even on the road. Attach a tension rod in your shower, or under an awning outside, and use it as a temporary drying rack. Hang wet clothes or delicate items that need air-drying, and once they’re dry, the rod can revert to its other uses.


The humble tension rod is much more than a curtain holder; it’s a versatile tool that offers endless solutions for RV challenges. From space-saving storage hacks to innovative organizational ideas, tension rods can truly transform your RV living. As with all RV modifications, always consider the weight and balance implications to ensure safe travels. With a bit of creativity and some tension rods in hand, your RV can become a masterclass in efficiency and comfort.

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