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Build A $5 Paper Towel Holder In About 5 Minutes

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DIY paper towel holder
This $5 paper towel holder takes about 5 minutes to make. Photo by Christina Nellemann

Build A $5 Paper Towel Holder In About 5 Minutes

The ease and sleekness of Command Hooks make them an RV owner’s best friend. Not only are they strong, stylish, and reusable, but they can easily be removed from walls without damaging the surface. All you need to do is pull down on the plastic handle provided with the adhesive strip.

Command Brand makes many different types and styles of hooks that can hold around 2 to 4 pounds. Some of the clothes and tool hooks can hold over 7 pounds. This makes them a great tool for various RV jobs—no matter why type of RV you have.

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paper towel holder
Pick up two large wire hooks

Anyone who owns a fiberglass camper knows even more how useful these 3M products are. Drilling holes in a fiberglass trailer is usually a no-no, so these hooks with the super strong and removable adhesive work great for molded campers. They can hold up lightweight items such as keys and hats to heavy jackets and RV tools. Plus, they don’t need to go on a wall or other vertical surface.

We wanted to add a paper towel holder to the bottom of our fiberglass camper cupboard. We didn’t want to drill holes for screws and didn’t want to spend too much money. So, we came up with a cheap solution similar to this space-saving idea for aluminum foil.


How to make your own DIY paper towel holder

This inexpensive holder uses two Command Brand Large Wire Hooks. They can each hold up to 5 pounds. These types of hooks are little different in that they stick out a bit more on the wire portion. They cost around $2.39 each on Amazon.

The only other item to purchase is a mini bungee cord with a hook on each end. Most RVers or homeowners have one or two of these little bungees sitting around. However, if you don’t have one, they cost around $.35 each or about $7.00 for 20. They are 10 inches long and when stretched taut, will hold a typical paper towel roll.

Command Hooks
Stick the Command Hooks underneath a cabinet or on a fiberglass wall.

Building this paper towel holder only takes about 5 minutes. First, wipe down the fiberglass surface with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Then measure out where you want the paper towel roll to go.

Typical paper towel rolls are 11 inches long, so make sure you space the hooks wide enough apart so that the roll fits between them without rubbing against the edge of each hook.

Mark with a dry erase marker where you want each Command Hook to go and then adhere them to the surface using the Command adhesive strips. Each hook will be placed so that the angled wire part points away from the paper towel roll. This will enable the bungee cord to hook on securely.

paper towel holder
The bungee should stay taut and keep the roll firmly in place.

Run the bungee cord through the middle of the paper towel roll and hook each bungee hook to the wire portions of the Command Hook. The roll should be snug up against the bottom of the cabinet and spin easily as towels are removed. The roll can be replaced by unhooking the bungee.

For more ideas on how to use Command hooks in your RV, check out this post.

5 thoughts on “Build A $5 Paper Towel Holder In About 5 Minutes”

  1. wow, such a simple fix for this nagging problem. I’ve seen many rv’s with damaged cabinets from drilling holes then the screws get pulled out. Thanks, it works like a charm!

  2. Thanks for the idea. Your idea frees up counter space. I didn’t want to put any screws in my RV.

  3. Hi, and thank you.

    It’s a fair idea to use a small bungee for the paper towel roll. I’m always reticent in my tent trailer to create “permanently fixed” protrusions, so I might install two Velcro patches with Nano non-permanent double sided tape along the aluminum rail over the dinette table, with matching patches affixed to a pair of 3M plastic hooks to similar effect. In that manner, I can deploy the hooks/bungee as desired, store away with table utensils, and completely remove if later desired.

    The new Nano tape, with all of it’s strength and clean features, can be used for lots of non-permanent “fixes” in trailers today. I’m using it to attach my new ceiling vent remote control holster, happy to know I can remove it without a trace whenever desired.

  4. great idea! especially the use of a bungee cord keeps the towel roll always tight ans secure even when the roll of paper is nearing its end …

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