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Showering In An RV: 5 Ways To Improve The Experience

This post was updated on May 11th, 2024

RV shower and toilet, wet bath, feature image for showering in an RV
Showering in an RV doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Photo via Shutterstock

5 Ways To Improve Your RV Shower Experience

RV bathrooms are a wonderful and convenient option for people who are traveling away from home. There’s no need to use the campground bathhouses to get ready in the morning. However, showering in an RV isn’t exactly the peak of luxury. 

RV showers are usually quite small and don’t offer a lot of bells and whistles. These vehicles are outfitted with a shower that can get the job done but aren’t necessarily pleasant to use. No one wants to spend more time than necessary in the average RV shower, but there are a few ways you can upgrade your space. 

Although extensive bathroom renovations are possible, you don’t actually need to do much to make an RV shower pleasant. With just a few tweaks and additions, you might find that showering in an RV can be nice! Below we have five simple things you can do to expand the space, make things more accessible, and overall improve the experience. Let’s get started!

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1. Replace the RV showerhead

Showerheads are important parts of any bathroom setup. Most RV models work well enough, but they may lack water pressure and don’t have different settings you can switch between.

Replacing the standard showerhead is a great first step in any bathroom remodel. It’s also easy to do and doesn’t require any extra help from RV professionals and plumbers. 

There are lots of different options for RVers to choose between. Consider whether you’d like one with a hose attachment or if you just need a standard wall model. If you want a simple product that doesn’t have a hose, check out the Camco 43712 RV Shower Head. This is an extremely affordable option that offers five different spray patterns. It’s very easy to install, making it perfect for RVs and boats. 

Another good option is the ETL 26781 Body Spa Oxygenics Shower. This product comes with a 60-inch hose, so it can easily be detached from the wall. When you buy it, you also get a lifetime warranty, so you’ll be guaranteed good performance. It combines the comfort of a home shower with the convenience of an RV unit. 

Of course, there are endless options to explore. Shop around to find a showerhead that fits your needs. Because lots of people are dissatisfied with the stock showerheads, there is a defined niche for upgraded RV showerheads. Everyone is sure to find something they like. 

2. Install a curved curtain rod

Another way you can improve the experience of showering in an RV is to expand the space. Many RVs have glass plates or straight shower curtain rods to section off the shower. These barriers prevent water from leaking out, but they also limit the amount of space you have to work with. 

If you want to free up some room, you can try installing a curved curtain rod. The complexity of this project will vary depending on what your existing shower looks like. In some cases, you may need to remove the glass plates and install a new base, which is a much bigger renovation project.

If you have a simple curtain rod setup though, this is much easier to accomplish. A curved curtain rod will give you more elbow room while you’re in the shower. Once you’re finished, you can simply push the curtain to one side so it doesn’t protrude into the rest of the bathroom.

You can buy a premade product like this PrettyHome Adjustable Curved Shower Curtain Rod. Or you can also fashion your own with some PVC pipes or other suitable materials. Some people even incorporate the shower curtain rod into their design aesthetic, like this one that uses copper piping.

Regardless of the style, a curved shower curtain rod opens up the shower and gives you much more space to work with. It’s a definite upgrade for most RV bathrooms!

3. Try wall-mounted soap dispensers

One of the biggest issues with showering in an RV is the lack of space. This is especially true if you need to find a place to keep your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and any other products you may want to keep in the bathroom. Built-in shelves are certainly handy, but they are often small and it’s easy to knock things off of them by accident.

Shower caddies are another good solution, but they also take up space and can be annoying to keep track of. If you want to simplify the whole process, try using wall-mounted soap dispensers. There can be installed anywhere that’s convenient for you, but most people place them on the wall below the showerhead. 

This is a wonderful solution because it cut down clutter, can’t be knocked down, and is easy to refill. Having tried both methods, I have found that wall-mounted dispensers are definitely my preferred option. Maybe they aren’t the answer for everyone, but it’s something to keep in mind!

If you’d like to buy some, check out the simplehuman Double Wall Mount Shower Pump. This is a good starter option for holding shampoo and conditioner. 

4. Use a shower seat

Another way to improve the shower experience is by making things easier on yourself. After a long day of driving and adventuring, sometimes it’s exhausting to stand up and take a shower. For those who are physically challenged, RV showers can also be a major problem. 

A good shower seat can simplify the whole process. You can just sit own and let the water wash over you. It’s also easier to clean your legs and feet, which are difficult to reach if you’re focusing on keeping your balance. Of course, a shower seat isn’t necessary for everyone and some people consider them to be an inconvenience. But if you prefer to relax a bit more in the shower, it could really make things easier and safer. 

A good product to look into is the Vaunn Medical Adjustable Shower Chair. You don’t need any tools to assemble this, and the back can be easily removed. It’s fairly small as well, so you can easily fit it in most RV showers. 

5. Invest in a towel warmer

Finally, let’s talk about some after-shower needs! One way to take the experience from good to great is to have a warm, fluffy towel waiting for you. A heated towel rack is the perfect solution. After all, who doesn’t love the feeling of a warm towel after a shower?

Some luxury RVs come with heated towel racks pre-installed, but most people will have to add one of their own if they want this feature. 

A heated rack will also help things dry off more quickly, so it can be useful for hanging wet towels and swimsuits. The KEY TEK Heated Towel Warmer is a nice, space-efficient option that will keep your towels nice and toasty. It’s easy to hang on the wall and won’t take up much space. 

If you apply some of the tips above, you can have a great shower from start to finish. With a few small tweaks, showering in an RV can be enjoyable and refreshing.

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