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Slideshow With Tips On How To Replace Carpeting With Allure Wooden Planks In An RV

There’s no denying that a carpeted floor feels good to bare feet, but carpet can also be a bear to keep clean.

One RVer was sick and tired of cleaning the carpeted floor in his 2003 National Dolphin LX Model 6320, especially the areas just behind the driver and passenger seats. After tearing up the carpet, he laid down Allure planks.

Allure Vinyl Wood Flooring Planks

Made with a vinyl core, Allure planks look and feel like real wood. You can get Allure planks in a couple of sizes, notably 6″ or 8″ wide. John said that the planks he installed were 4″ wide, but we couldn’t locate this size at Home Depot. Home Depot has a wide selection of Allure planks on their website. The vinyl planks also come with a 25 year warranty, which would cover the lifetime of most any RV.

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This video by Home Depot shows the make-up and benefits of using Allure vinyl planks.

Original video by PKTV


So what you’re looking at is our TrafficMaster Allure Ultra wide plank with SimpleFit technology. What’s so great about this product is that it’s 8.75″ wide and looks extremely realistic.

It has a ceramic bead coating and a 20 mil wear layer. Wear layers are basically a transparent film that adds superior durability to the flooring itself.

It has SimpleFit end joint technology, which makes it faster and easier to install than ever. You angle it in, about 10 degrees as you see, and then you press it, and then you tap. It’s a 100% waterproof product, it’s great for any room in your home or business, including basements.

This flooring has easy installation, it’s durable, and at 8.7″ it’s the widest plank in the market.

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How to Install Allure Vinyl Planks In An RV

John tore out most of the carpet in his motorhome, including a row of ceramic tiles in the RV’s kitchen area. He used aluminum angle lines to cover the gap between the new vinyl tiles and the older ceramic ones.

He says that the new Allure tile are “way easier to clean now”, and even suggested that RV manufacturer’s offer the flooring material in new builds!

It’s great to be able to see some before, during, and after shots of a flooring upgrade such as John’s. Looking over the pictures helps to give you a feel for the work involved in upgrading your own RV’s flooring.

Watch John’s slideshow on his RV flooring upgrade below.

Original video by John C


This is a photo of the original carpeted floor I had. It looked real nice and comfortable but not practical. Especially for cleaning. After many years of use, I decided to rip it out and replace it with something more durable.

I removed the carpet from the living area up to the driver and the passenger seat. And the dining area also ripped out all the carpet up to the ceramic tiles, and took off a row of tiles as well.

I started the installation of the Allure planks from the rear of the passenger seat, went around the stairwell, and all the way to the back and into the dining area.

The stairwell just came out real nice with the aluminum angle line. I used the same product to make the transition between the carpet and the Allure behind the driver and passenger seat.

The strip of carpet left in front of the sofa is part of the slide so I left it so that it covers the 1 inch step. The stairwell was also left with the original carpet on the sides since it was in good condition and this area is not very well insulated like the floor inside. Under the step there’s a battery for the engine start.

The transition between the Allure and the ceramic tiles in the kitchen area is the same aluminum trim used on the front cockpit area. And the wood trim below the counter and walls dressed up the edge of the Allure.

Walking toward the bath area the floor is all ceramic including the private bath before the bedroom. Across from the private bathroom is the sink and shower, there’s a sliding door that gives plenty of privacy between the kitchen and the bath.  There’s a transition between the bath area and the bedroom which also has 2 sliding doors that gives the privacy between the bath and the bedroom. Where the Allure is now in the bedroom it was all carpeted before. The Allure is all around the bed slide out.

This is way easier to clean now. I use an Allure polish every time we come back from a trip and no more cleaning carpet all day. I would advice the manufacturers to build them this way.

The Planks are vinyl all the way through. 36″ x 4″. The surface looks like real wood and feels like real wood. It can get wet and not worry.

Lay down each plank into each other and the adhesive bonds them together. Staggering them a foot or so apart really makes them look good.

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